Best Anilinkz Alternative sites to watch anime free online

You’re likely to be a passionate anime fan. It is important to find reputable websites such as aniwatcher so you can watch the Anime cartoon brew you love. Anilinkz was a favorite site for anime fans and is still one of my favorites.

It is not accessible to everyone, so we must ask: What are Anilinkz Alternatives? We’ll try to answer this question today and, hopefully, show you how to enjoy your aniwatcher and discover some new ones.

What’s Anilinkz?

Anilinkz Website is a well-known site that provides a wide variety of anime content you can watch at your leisure, anytime, and anywhere. Anilinkz. Tv has an extensive anime list that contains many different animation series. It is easy to use and does not require registration. Open www.anilinkz.tv to find the content you need. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming at lightning-fast speeds.

Anilinkz’s website has two options for finding your favorite content. You can use a search bar to explore categories and enter the name of your desired anime series. Once you have found the right content, click the play button to start streaming. Anilinkz. Tv features include regular updates of new items, an extensive database, multiple categories, and a simple user interface.

anilink allows people to play games such as dragon ball super and many others. After watching the anime Ariel and aniwatcher suits, you can feel great. In a separate list, you can view the new anime series and the ongoing series. It updates content every day. To learn more about Anime, you can join the community.

On the right-hand side is chat, which allows you to interact and communicate with the community. Anilinkz is full of essential anime data. However, many advertisements and users can’t stream with blocks. Anilinkz has been shut down due to these issues.


Anilinkz website gone?

Anilinkz.com has been moved to aniwatcher.com You can access all features of anilinkz.com on the www.anilinkz.tv site. Also, you can stream anime shows and movies online completely free.

What’s Anime?

What is Anime? What is Anime? It was created in Japan and is still a popular form of hand-drawn animation. However, it has become a global hit over the past decades.

Although Anime’s history is only a century old, it was a booming trend in the past few decades. Japan considers Anime a part of their modern culture. Throughout the decade, hit songs like Pokemon, Digimon and Dragon Ball franchise, Death Note, and many other titles won over fans all around the globe.

Anilinkz The Best 20 Alternative Websites to Watch and Stream Anime HD Quality

Before I tell you about this, I want to warn you that watching cartoons online may be illegal. The following list of websites is intended for educational purposes only.



KissAnime offers free access to Anime and cartoons. It also has English subtitles and is dubbed Anime. This site is for anime fans, as they can find almost every type of Anime there.

This site is not the same as Kiss Anime Club. Don’t be confused. It also features a movie section in its header. Although it is mobile-friendly, you will still see many ads that could be annoying.

KissAnime, an older Anime streaming website, has approximately 40 million monthly visitors. The majority of traffic comes from the USA, about 50%. This site could be your best alternative to Anilinkz.



9Anime is the best website to watch Anime online. This site has an extensive collection of anime series. You can also request anime titles that are not on their list.

Although the site interface and user experience may not be up to par, they have many options for Anime. Streaming will bring up many display and pop-up advertisements. These ads will open in a new tab.

Let’s now talk about its popularity. It has approximately 10 million monthly users. Most of these users are from the United States. Americans love Anime. Alternative to Anilinkz.


anilinkz new site

It’s also a great place to watch Anime and other cartoons. There are sections or categories where you can find your most recent Anime, popular Anime, and the most watched Anime.

MaterAni. It has an excellent interface. Here you can see the homepage without ads. This is the best part about this site. Users can use this site to operate it efficiently because nearly all items are categorized best option for Anilinkz.


anilinkz.tv website

This site offers many anime and cartoon series free of charge. It also has a lot of other cartoons that can download. It is probably well-known to most cartoon lovers. These are some Anilinkz alternatives.

After registering on KissCartoon, you will be notified when new cartoons or Anime are uploaded.

The ads are on both sidebars; you also get pop-up ads when you click on the video.

KissCartoon is a viral site. It has over 15 million users per month. Most of these users are from the US and UK.


what happened to anilinkz

Another website dedicated to anime fans is AnimePahe. It has many subbed and dubbed Anime. Its homepage is ad-free, easy to read, and only displays the most recent Anime.

This site has a good interface and user experience. You will see the title and thumbnail of the Anime and click on it to start watching. A straightforward interface and a good video player make this site a great choice.

AnimePahe receives around 2.5 million visitors annually from the US, India, and the Philippines. It is also visited by Indians but only has English-language Anime—sites like Anilinkz.


anilinkz dead

CartoonCrazy, which offers many Anime and cartoon series, is another good option for Anilinkz. It’s also an excellent option for English-dubbed Anime.

The interface and user experience are excellent. CartoonCrazy is simple to use, and it won’t confuse anyone. Yes, there will be many display and pop-up ads that will open in a new tab.

The website is viral with its 12 million monthly visitors. Most of these users are from the USA, UK, and Canada.

Chia Anime

anilinkz reddit

Chia Anime, which offers a large selection of Anime, is another alternative to Anilinkz. You can stream videos in Hight quality so that you can enjoy your Anime.

If you click on the display ads, you will see many pop-ups and display advertisements.

It receives approximately 7 million visitors monthly, mainly from the United States and the Philippines.

Anime Nova

anilinkz demon slayer

It is primarily for anime fans. You can find many anime movies on it. Anime Nova is a text-based website. The homepage displays the title of each Anime.

It doesn’t have any pop-up advertisements on its homepage. The site has a simple interface and an enjoyable user experience. You can also use the search tab to find your favorite Anime.

AnimeNova boasts around 3,000,000 monthly users per month. However, the majority of users are from Japan and the United States.

KissAnime Club

anilinkz new site

This brand new website offers many anime movies and TV series. It has a straightforward interface and a better user experience. Although its name is very similar to that of the popular anime website Anilinkz (URL), it has a different domain name.

This site doesn’t have annoying ads; you can stream cartoons in subbed or dubbed. You can access a list of all the most popular anime series.

Kiss Anime Club has just launched, so it does not have a lot of traffic. However, you will love its video player. It is simple to use and allows downloading and sharing anime videos.


anilinkz.tv website

OtakuStream is the best place to watch Anime online. It has all the latest Anime, section by section. You can choose between Light/Dark and day/night.

OtakuStream offers the best user interface and experience. You won’t find any ads on their home page. Users can also sign up with Facebook or Twitter. You can search for your favorite Anime using the search bar.

You need to be aware of the site’s popularity. This site receives around 15 million visitors annually from the US, UK, and Canada.


what happened to anilinkz

CartoonsOn is a free website that offers many famous cartoons and anime series. However, there are good chances to stream cartoons if your cartoon title is trendy.

Its user interface is not what I like. There are annoying ads that will redirect you to dangerous sites. It cannot be apparent for users to know where to click to view a video.

CartoonsOn receives around 5,000,000 visitors per month. It is trendy in the USA, UK, Canada, and Netherland.



AnimieShow, another website that streams Anime worldwide, has an extensive collection. The search tab allows you to search for Anime that interests you.

Pop-up ads will appear whenever you click on this website. It doesn’t matter where you click. This is why so many people hate this site. However, it does have an extensive collection of Anime.

This site is well-known and has over 11 million visitors per month. It is also popular in the UK and USA.


anilinkz dead

AnimeUltima’s homepage has several sections. Here you will find a section for the Latest Episode; Most Popular Shows in 2019, All-time popular, and most recent Anime. You can also find many TV series. It could be a great alternative to Anilinkz.

The site’s homepage has an excellent interface. It is clear and free of ads. A search bar also allows you to search for Anime you are interested in. You can sign up right here.

AnimeUltima receives 3 million visitors per month. This site is still new, so it is not yet established. It is trendy in Brazil, the United States, and the United Kingdom.


anilinkz reddit

AnimeFLV is the biggest name in Anime. I can call it the father of Anime. However, it is not available in English. If you speak Spanish, it might be the best way to view all kinds of Anime online.

The user interface and experience are top-notch. It provides a list of Anime on the left sidebar. You can also search for your favorite Anime here.


anilinkz demon slayer

AnimeTV is a great place to stream the latest Anime online. You can find the most recent subbed or dubbed Anime in English.

The display ads are on both sidebars, while the middle contains the most recent anime thumbnails. You can sign up for Facebook or Twitter.

Anime TV is popular in the US and UK, with 7 million monthly viewers. This site has more information.

Anime Heros

anilinkz new site

This is a brand new site in the cartoon streaming industry. It offers you the most popular and recent Anime. Can you tell me which animes are popular and well-known on this website?

While you won’t see any display ads on the home page, there are some pop-up advertisements while streaming Anime. It is simple to use and has an intuitive interface.

Anime Heros isn’t an old site. It has approximately 150K monthly visitors.


This is one of the most popular ways to stream Anime online. However, it is not for Cartoons fans. FreeOnilneAnime has many amine series and movies.

This site is easy to navigate. The video player works similarly to YouTube. You can stream all videos in High Definition.

This site is new and doesn’t have a lot of traffic. However, it offers a great UX and allows you to enjoy Anime online for free.

Cartoon Network

Cartoons Network is an excellent option for streaming many cartoons. Most Anime and Cartoon lovers already know about it. You can also play some online games for kids.

The interface is excellent, and the user experience is great. Users can view a video at the highest quality in just two clicks. The only problem is that they have a limited library.

Cartoon Network receives around 1,000,000 monthly visitors. Most of these people are from the UK and USA.


This site is very similar to CartoonCrazy. It has many cartoons and Anime, as well as content from Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

The homepage is clear and covered with thumbnails of your favorite cartoons and Anime. Streaming also brings up many pop-up advertisements.

This site is not popular and has a traffic of around 30K.

Anime Freak TV

AnimeFreakTV is a good alternative. It offers many anime titles. Users can browse alphabetically or by popularity to find the latest episode.

The user interface is good. It has a lot of Anime on its homepage, but the sidebar is filled with display ads. The streaming video quality is good.

According to a similar web, this site receives around 12 million visitors per month. Most of these users are from the US.


These 16 websites are worth bookmarking if you want to find the best alternative sites for Anilinkz. Remember that each platform has its pros and cons.

Which one is the best? The answer lies more in your preferences. Can you compare these websites to help you choose the best one? Enjoy streaming!

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