Are Xbuds Waterproof? 

Xbuds are wireless and waterproof earbuds. It has a volume control set-up. It has automatic tracking activity. It is built by professionals so that it is safe for you surely. 

It is also popular due to its long last battery duration along with high-resolution sound. Be with us till the end to have all details related to the Xbuds. So, let’s dive into it! 


What are Xbuds? 

Xbuds are modernized earbuds that are capable of recognizing sports activity, GPS, and gyroscope and even it can detect your body movements. It is made with top-quality drivers, xbuds deliver crisp sound so that anyone can enjoy their favorite song listing. 

Product Short Details: 

  •  Product Color: white 
  •  Product materials: ABS, metals, PBC, batteries 
  • Product dimensions: 3.8″H x 1.5″L x 3.8″W 
  •  Product drivers: high-quality drivers 
  •  The product has bluetooth pairing capability. 
  •  Product playback time is: 2.5 hours 
  •  The product has a fast charged case: 1.5 hours  
  •  The product has a hyper directional mic. 
  • The product is sweatproof and water resistant.

Characteristics of Xbuds: 

  •  It has a long-term battery duration. These Xbuds have 8 hours of listening timing with a single charge. Along with the charging case, you will get 35 hours of playback time. Now, firstly you do not need to charge it, enjoy it. 
  • It will provide you with a protective fit. It has secure–fit ear hooks that will increase your comfort. 
  • These earbuds are water-resistant and sweat resistant. It is best for athletes and for those who go for a workout and running. 
  •  You can adjust the volume easily according to your surroundings and mood. Left and right both sides have equal volume frequency. 
  • Each Xbuds can be connected independently to your mobile for better connectivity. So, enjoy it at your home, or outside or may during your sports.  

General details:

Model NameWireless 10 xbuds,gaming low latency earbud,noise cancellation,long backup
Headphone TypeTrue Wireless
Inline RemoteYes
Sales Package1 PAIR OF EARBUDS
Headphone DesignEarbud

Product Details

Sweat ProofYes
Deep BassYes
Water ResistantYes
With MicrophoneYes


Warranty Summary1 YEAR to 2 YEARS
Not Covered in WarrantyPHYSICAL DAMAGESyes

How do I use XBuds? 


You can pair Xbuds to your device while using the following steps: 

  • Detach the earbuds from the casing. 
  • Now, open Bluetooth from your device. 
  • Turn on Bluetooth. 
  • Your earphones, Bluetooth and mobile should be in the range of one meter. 
  •  Go and add your device through the Bluetooth setting. 
  •   Search and pick shots X-Buds. 
  • Now, click on pair to connect.

5 Properties of Xbuds:

  1.  Xbuds can Automatically Track Activity: 

It’s time to welcome all new wearable future devices. As xbuds can detect an automatic sport activity.GPS, and precisely it can track your body movements. 

 Xbuds can recognize different types of activities and provide real-time feedback on goals. When your activity is complete, Xbuds automatically shifts from sports data to the companion App.   

  1.  Sync your Favorite Music List: 

Now, you can sync 2000 favorite songs to these xbuds. You just must sync your playlist to the xbuds app and enjoy the amazing wireless listening experience. 

  1. Water Resistant: 

Now, you can enjoy your favorite music underwater. How amazing is it? 

Xbuds are designed to be your perfect companion for watery sports.  From swimming to surfing, you can choose xbuds, as they will have all the features you ever wished for. The IPX8 waterproof standard permits Xbud to be submerged under the water for 8ft. 

  1. Best for Ground sports: 

Xbuds are best for ground sports also as they are as smart as you may even think. You do not have to let it know what kind of activity you are doing, it can detect all your activities, such as monitoring morning run in which it can calculate your distance and calories in real time. Xbuds can detect your performance during sports activity. 

Xbud can be your favorite buddy as it will notify you about all your activities and even provide you with some suggestions. Like a real-time coach. You can set the frequency as you want. 

  1. Enjoy Xbuds for as long as you Desire: 

Xbuds have 6 hours of listening capacity and 5 hours of activity tracking with a single charge. It comes with a charging case and its battery timing is 24 hours. But if your xbuds run out of battery, then do not need to worry as it can be charged within 10 minutes for 3 hours of usage. These things make it amazing and your first choice. 

What’s inside The Xbuds Box: 

You will have everything in Xbuds box, it has a charging case, three sets of variant sizes of in-ear tips, and fins for a perfect fit. It has everything you will need to maintain your Xbuds device accurately and listen to your music without any hustle. 

Pros of xbuds: 

Below are the pros of Xbuds: 

  • These earbuds are comfortable. 
  • It comes along the chargeable case. 
  • It is water and weather resistant. 

Cons of xbuds: 

Below are the cons of xbuds: 

  • Xbuds are somehow expensive. 
  • Xbuds battery deteriorates with time. 
  • Xbuds can be easily misplaced due to their small size. 

What is the price of Xbuds? 

The latest price of Xbuds is $27. It will also provide you with a warranty of one year and two years depending on the price range at which you buy it. You can buy it from any online marketplace. Due to its popularity, it is available in every marketplace. 

Why are my wireless earbuds not charging? 

Your earbuds will show you not charging when you do not connect your charging port correctly. It happened as the result of corrosion or maybe due to any foreign object that blocks the charging port.

Reviews on Xbuds: 

We have collected some Xbuds reviews from different social media sites. A lot of people are satisfied with these earbuds‘ results and only a few categories of its users are not satisfied with its features. Some people used to say that their battery was damaged earlier than they expected. So, now, it’s up to you whether you want to buy this product or not. 

Final Words: 

It was detailed content on Xbuds and its features. Now you can check all details before you purchase it. Is it worth reading? If yes let us know in the comment box below.

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