Botbroker: 5 best alternatives to buy and sell sneaker bots

There’s a lot to be said about the Botbroker scene is full of veteran and novice copping enthusiasts trying to find the top sneaker copping bots available. It’s not an easy task. A few years ago, you could have the chance to pick between a selection of bots. You’d recognize quick enough if they sucked at snagging exclusive sneakers.

Today, you have the option of choosing among hundreds, and I do mean hundreds. Am I sure you’ll be able to identify more than ten, you think? Okay, perhaps more significant than 20 if you have an excellent memory. So how do you select the most influential sneaker bot? Let me confess the way I do it is to browse Reddit isn’t cutting it anymore.

After many caffeine-driven discussions, followed by more hours of programming, We came up with something unique that is a sneaker bot success tracker. Utilizing the API of Twitter, it records the most successful mentions of a purchase. We combined the information with our market study and created the best sneakers bots to earn you points!

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What Is a Sneaker Bot

Before we look at the list of top release destroyers, I’d like to ensure you understand the subject.

A sneaker bot is a computer program that automatically finishes checkouts faster than a human could. When you purchase the bot and install it, you’ll be able to design tasks to command it to collect from sneaker websites, set up shipping and billing profiles, power it with proxy servers, and then take many pairs of sneakers back home.

Which Sneaker Bot Is the Best

Let’s be clear. There isn’t anything like one top bot.

Why? The botting industry is highly unpredictable. A single update missed, or inexperience could render a previously effective bot ineffective. In reality, you’ll get a brand new top-performing bot every update.

What we’re after is constantly. A bot is bound to experience bad days. Do we all? However, a bot worthy of your attention will give more or less Ws for each release. Based on the most up-to-date information from our success tracker, Wrath has been killing it for a long time, and that’s no coincidence that it’s on the top of our list of favourites.

We’ll continue with the best sneaker bots you’d love to own:

The Best Sneaker Bots of 2022

Wrath AIO Bot

The most experienced sneakerheads understand that relying on one AIO bot is not wise. Instead, it would help if you employed various robots in each store by how they do on it. We’re not millionaires, are we? But, no. Not but. If you can afford one top-quality bot, I’d recommend purchasing Wrath. It’s probably the only sneaker bot you’ll ever need. Why? Let’s examine what it can provide.

Wrath is an absolute beast in the field of destroying releases. It’s a fantastic sneaker bot. Although it had certain flaws when it first came out in February of 2018, its skilled developer recovered and maintained its performance with high success rates.

Wrath surpasses the bot security measures that protect against hackers with regular, quick and accurate updates for each module. If you have this bot, you can expect Ws from every supported website. Apart from being among the top Yeezy bots that create Shopify, Supreme, and US Foot sites.

The most appealing feature of Wrath can be that it comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It is possible to configure it to drop in 5 hours or so. It also has personal analytics that can aid you in learning from your mistakes and boast about victories.

  • Sites that support HTML0: Shopify, Supreme, US Foot sites, and YeezySupply.
  • OS: Windows
  • Support for proxy: Yes
  • Cost: $350 with a $50 renewal fee once every three months
  • Price aftermarket: $ 5,800 for BotBroker

The price paid by Wrath is BotBroker.

Prism AIO

If you’re not sure what I think of Prism, I think it’s that there’s no review yet. Okay, you don’t need to do it now; I’ll give you a brief review.

The Prism cooker is a masterclass in cooking and excels at it. According to its statistics, it has already sold more than 1 million purchases and has averaged $300 per customer. It would help if you were awed. Prism performs flawlessly for Shopify (in fact, it’s among the most effective Shopify software); however, it also performs well in other areas such as Foot sites and Supreme. But there are some exceptions. Not all Footsite is supported by Prism. Hopefully, they will include all of them along with other stores shortly!

Although it’s not the best in terms of shops, Prism can make up by offering impressive features and an outstanding style. The dashboard’s user interface is excellent and highly user-friendly. Regarding capabilities, Prism will impress you with its unique release calendar and intelligent task grouping.

  • Websites supported by HTML0: Shopify, Supreme, Foot sites, and Supreme
  • Operating system: Windows and macOS
  • Proxy support
  • Cost: $400 with a $150 renewal fee each three months
  • The current price aftermarket is $560 renewal on BotBroker
bot marketplace

Prism’s price is available on BotBroker.

Kodai AIO

It’s possible to think that the name Untamable Cooking Machine is simply a clever marketing phrase, but it’s not. Kodai is a cook in almost every release. All you have to do is purchase it. However, like any great bot, it will not be easy, so you must be prepared for a costly test.

best sneaker bot for beginners

Do you think it’s worth it? If you’re determined to cook Shopify, Supreme, Foot sites, Yeezy Supply, and Adidas, I’d say yes. Kodai is the ideal choice for this goal, particularly if you’ve got an eye on Foot sites. But you may need to reconsider when you’re new to the game. Recouping your investment is bound to be a challenge.

Besides that, Kodai is known for its superb user interface that doesn’t cause you to be confused when setting it up. Do you expect to get something additional for paying a substantial amount for an automated system? What does a free dashboard sound like? The dashboard is dubbed Kodai Hub and includes an event calendar and suggested copping settings, retail, and price for resales of specific drops. The dashboard also has a personalized analytics page for users who love data.

  • Websites supported by: Shopify, Supreme, Foot sites, Yeezy Supply and Adidas
  • OS: Windows and macOS
  • Support for proxy: Yes
  • Cost: first two months $175 plus the possibility of a $59.99 monthly renewal cost
  • Price at the moment:$7 to rent for one day on Whop


Are you eager to have access to something Supreme? You don’t have to worry about MEKpreme’s got you covered. It’s one of the most effective Supreme bots for making the famous red box logo. There are four ways to use them, and if you follow the bot’s discord channel, it’ll advise you on how to use them.

MEKpreme bot combats bot-blocking measures while on the go. It will be able to determine the methods being used and then bypass them automatically, adjusting the bypass method. If you’re concerned about CAPTCHAs, do not be. MEKpreme can take it all by implementing a 3rd party program called AYCD AutoSolve to resolve the problem for you.

While at it, you could also search for the equally strong MEKpreme’s sister MEK AIO. MEKRobotics developed the two bots to dominate releases. While MEKpreme is a bot that only deals with a Supreme drop, MEK AIO is on the top of Shopify, Footsite, Yeezy supply and Adidas game.

  • Supported sites: Supreme
  • OS: Windows and macOS
  • Proxy support Yes
  • Cost: $168 with a renewal fee of $120 each six months
  • Price aftermarket: $1300 for BotBroker
where to buy sneaker bots

MEKpreme’s price is on BotBroker.


Ahh, Balkobot. There’s plenty I’ve written regarding it within my review; however, one aspect that stands out most is its constantness. Likely, you’ve already heard – even the top bots do not work. Some never recover. However, Balkobot seems to be running steadily. It has won numerous releases for its users without significant losses, so what’s not to be loved about it?

Balkobot is a simple but a bit difficult to navigate user interface. It could require some time to get the hang of, particularly for novice users. It’s also great that you have many options to help your device, including CAPTCHA analyzers, solvers and other features.

Since it was launched, Balko has been a beast in the battle against products on Shopify. Today, it cooks with Adidas, Supreme, Foot sites and Off-White. This makes it an AIO bot.

  • Websites supported by: Shopify, Adidas, Supreme, Foot sites, and Off-White.
  • OS: Windows and macOS
  • Proxy support Yes
  • Price: $220. Renewals for six months at $ 60 and $360 per year
  • Price at present: lifetime copy runs at $1,300 via BotBroker
best sneaker bots for mac

The price of BalkoBot on BotBroker.


If you’re looking to purchase sneakers to buy an exclusive pair of sneakers, I would not suggest it.It’s because you won’t be successful the first time, and the process will be more costly soon. Another thing to be aware of: not every involved in the sneaker bots business is making a fortune.It is essential to know that this isn’t an easy job, and there’s no way you’re likely to earn quick cash.

It will take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to get your ball rolling, as it’s not something that happens overnight.
If you’re seriously considering using a sneaker bot, this article can give you an advantage over your competition.
You’re aware of what you’re dealing with, but where do you begin, and who should you confide in? Keep in mind that the market for sneakers is proliferating.

The growing industry demands new sneakers to be added each season.Although some of the newest bots may not have (yet) the reputation as OG sneaker bots, there’s still a chance that this will become even better.Keep an open mind, a heart, and a keen eye on this post for updates on sneaker bots in the future!

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