What is Dipawaymode.exe ? How to fix these errors?

DipAwayMode.exe is a tiny application that is included in Asus system but is it is not a Windows 10/8/7/Xp vital file. Direct input Away mode is an element of the AI Suite of Asus and it is the executable file of this application. It is developed to help improve the performance of your system by monitoring keypresses as well as the movements of the mouse.

This software is that was developed to integrate in conjunction with Windows Process. It is a system-wide information source Diagnostic tool File manager, PC probe fan speed, logo editor tools, and updates to the system files from ASUS

DIpAwayMode Full Form Direct Input Mode

Large File

The file size is around 1.3 Mb


The DipAwayMode Microsoft is used to enhance Windows Operating System performance. It’s a component of AI Suite, which comes with Asus desktop computers or laptops. The main purpose is to adjust the system’s speed.

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What is Dipawaymode, and What’s the Error message?

This application is not necessary. It can be removed at any point. It is a program that lets you use Microsoft’s Windows framework.

It may cause a range of issues. These include:

  1. The most frequent issues in the Windows operating system, and especially in the case of Asus computers, are kernel base. DLL-based Dipawaymode. errors. Other aspects of the system are affected as a result of these issues.
  2. This software and ntoskernel.exe problems have been reported for Asus computers. The result was BSOD (blue screen) errors.
  3. Errors may also manifest by the following names:
  • Dipawaymode.exe cannot be found.
  • Dipawaymode.exe is not an official Win32 application.
  • DipAwayMode.exe has encountered a glitch and must be closed.
  • Dipawaymode.exe. This program isn’t responding.

The root of Dipawaymode.exe Issues

Third-Party Applications and the problems stem from corrupt or missing documents, Windows registry invalid entries and malware infection.

Particularly, issues with the result from:

  • Invalid or corrupted dipawaymode.exe Registry entry.
  • A corrupted virus has infected and contaminated dipawaymode.exe.
  • Dipawaymode.exe was maliciously deleted (or in error) by a different rogue or legitimate program.
  • Dipawaymode.exe is not compatible in conflict with other software (shared files).
  • Corrupted Third Parties (dipawaymode.exe) applications in the downloading or installation process.

Functions of DipAwayMode.exe

dipawaymode. error windows 10

ASUS is a private phone, computer and accessory retailer located in China. DipAwayMode.exe is a pre-installed program installed on laptops and desktops produced by ASUS. Created the program to integrate to the Windows Process, which contains information about the system, diagnostic tool PC probe and logo editor, file manager, and fan speed tools. Files for updating the system of ASUS.

The default location for this program’s location is C: Program Files (x86) ASUS AI Suite III( or AI Suite I or AI Suite II) DIP4 DIPAwayMode.

In some instances, it has been reported to cause errors to the user. Make sure to check the file’s location in the event of an error, and if it’s not located in the usual location, it might be malware. A full system scan is advised using an anti-malware, reliable and effective program.

Is DipAwayMode.exe secure to use? Does it contain a virus or malware?

Check the location of this executable file to find out if this is a legitimate program or virus. The location of the file, as well as the risk rating, are listed below.

File Location / Rating : C:Program Files (x86)ASUSAI Suite IIIDIP4DIPAwayMode

To verify whether the executable file is genuine, open your Task Manager. Click on the column fields and then select Verified Signer to one of the columns.

Check the Verified Signer value of the exe process. If it says “Unable for verification”, The file could be, in fact, a virus.

The File Name DipAwayMode.exe

Software Developer ASUSTeK Computer

Format Type

file location C: Program Files (x86)ASUS AI Suite IIIDIP4DIPAwayMode

Software AI Suite II

Overall Ratings of DipAwayMode.exe

The software isn’t malware or virus if the person who developed the program is genuine. If the creator is not identified or appears suspect, it is possible to get rid of it with the uninstall program.

Based on our investigation of whether the file is, in fact, a virus or malware, we’ve posted our results below.

How to fix issues related to DipAwayMode .exe?

it is executes a file and process that is stored on Asus systems. Sometimes malware or viruses could disguise themselves by naming it a file. If a user finds the file in the C: WindowsSystem32 folder, there is a good chance that its malware.

If you find that is no longer working, you can try these solutions to fix it.

  • If you encounter any error, try reinstalling AI Suite (Asus) on your system using the driver CD.
  • It is also possible to upgrade to the most recent version of AI Suite by downloading the latest software from
  • If that doesn’t work, try the “System Restore” option.

Take these steps to start the “System Store” program on Windows 10/8/7/XP

  • Click on the Start button
  • Enter the word “System Restore” and then click it
  • Select Next, select the backup date and then click on the Next button.
  • The next step will reboot the system to the specified date.

Methods to Disable Dipawaymode.Exe

To stop or remove this software from the Windows Operating System, follow the below steps.

Method 1,

  1. Start the AI Suite Settings screen following having opened the AI suite application.
  2. Then, remove the Away Mode radio button.

This can assist you in resolving your problem. If you cannot resolve the issue you would like, don’t fret because we have provided a second option in the following article for you to consider.

Method 2.

dipawaymode. error
  1. You can start Run by pressing the Windows key and R keys together by pressing the Windows key and R keys together. Run window.
  2. Enter “appwiz. cpl” in the open Box. To open the Programs and Features, click OK.
  3. In the Programs and Features section In Programs and Features, please scroll through the list of programs and then right-click AI Suite to uninstall it. Follow on-screen instructions to delete the AI suite and this software from your system.
  4. After the program is gone on your PC, it is time to restart or restart it.
  5. Check out the official Asus page at for your next run.
  6. Get this version of ASUS AI Suite III after expanding the functions list.

The Final Words

DipAwayMode.exe could be a problematic component of your system from time to time. This is why it is recommended to deactivate the executable files. This article aims to give you the most important information regarding this software. Installing an antivirus program or anti-malware software is just one instance. Since tackling this issue without many skills and knowledge in computer solutions might not be a wise choice.

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