Does bleach kill fleas? (2022 update)

In this write-up, we will share the details that does bleach kill fleas? Fleas can create hazardous health issues for you and even for your loved pets. Fleas are annoying and it’s important to get rid of them. Sometimes when you think that you eliminate all the fleas, they just come up again by doubling their numbers. So, it’s important to eliminate the fleas along their eggs. People use different treatments to eliminate the fleas, and one of them is using bleach. 

There are two schools of thought about using bleach as an eliminator for fleas. One class said that bleach is useful to eliminate fleas and the other class used to say that it does not provide the required results. So here we are going to share all the facts behind it whether it works or not. Stay with us to have complete details about it. Let’s dive into it! 

Does bleach kill fleas? 

We will answer your query about does bleach kills fleas. Yes, bleach can kill the fleas sooner they become in contact with the bleach.  Bleach consists of acidic sodium hypochlorite. 

 So, after dissolving it in water, hypochlorous acid is created. This acid can pervade the insects’ cell membranes and finally kill them. Do most people have a query that What immediately kills fleas? There are many commercial products available on the market that can kill fleas immediately such as Nitenpyram which is also known as Capstar. It can kill fleas within 30 minutes.

The procedure to Kill Fleas Using Bleach: 

Bleach is not ideal to use in your house because it has acidic nature. But if you needed to use it for killing fleas, then you should consider some precautions before using it. 

So, here we are sharing some procedures that will help administer bleach in your house. 

  •  Prepare a bleach solution: 

First of all, you have to measure the amount of bleach you want to mix with the water. You can use a ratio of 10 to 1. You have to add 1 ounce of bleach to 10 ounces of water. This ratio is prescribed by the experts as this ratio is a little hazardous for your health. It’s a safer ratio to go with. Now you just have to add the solution to the spray bottle and use it where fleas are present. 

  • Take Safety Precautions: 

This is the most important safety step. When you are going to apply the bleach solution, you should take all the precautions to avoid any health issues. 

For instance, you can use protective eyewear and rubber gloves. It will help avoid any physical contact with the solution. You can wear long-sleeved shirts, socks, closed-toed shoes, and pants. 

Another precaution you should take in a measure is to avoid eating food immediately just after the spraying beach. You should sanitize your hands and face after using the bleach solution. Because bleach is harmful to your respiratory system. The area should be airy where you are going to apply the bleach.  

  • Consider using a spray bottle: 

The easiest and most convenient way of applying bleach is to use a spray bottle. You have to add up the bleach solution in the spray bottle and apply it to your floor. Spray it evenly, so that you will cover the whole area to kill the fleas and their eggs. In this way, you can eliminate fleas and their growth. 

  • Wash and Dry:

 An individual has to allow the solution to settle down in the treated area for a few hours. Then, you can wash the area and let them dry. But keep staying way your child, and your pets from the treated area. You can also repeat the process to get better results if you needed. 

Precautions while using Bleach solution: 

Does bleach kill fleas

Here we are sharing some precautions you can grant during the application of bleach solution in your home. 

  •  Wear safety equipment like protective eyewear and rubber gloves. 
  • Use a spray bottle for application. 
  •  Keeps away your pets during the application of bleach. 
  • Keep children away from the treated areas. 

Alternatives to Using Bleach to Kill Fleas: 

These are some alternatives to bleach solutions for killing fleas: 

  • Steam Vacuuming or Steam Cleaning 
  • Baby Powder  
  • Salt 
  • Coconut Oil or Essential Oils 
  • Epsom Salts  
  • White Vinegar 
  • Diatomaceous Earth 

Will bleach kill flea eggs? 

Bleach solution can kill fleas’ eggs. So, you can go for this treatment in your home to kill the batch of fleas and their eggs. 

Bottom line: 

It was a brief discussion on does bleach kill fleas or not. If you are the one who is annoyed by the fleas and their eggs. Then you should take a look at all the prescribed details to eliminate the fleas in your home. How did you like our writing let us know in the comment box below? 

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