Fossils last stand restaurant (Sep 2022) Read people reviews

Fossils Last Stand The review has revealed an incident involving a Lyft driver from Pennsylvania and the effect it has on the satisfaction of the customers of the restaurant.

Are you searching for the most recent viral video of Fossils last stand depicting a disagreement between a Lyft driver and two passengers? The video went viral and received thousands of views via Twitter when it was uploaded on Sunday.

The incident happened in the presence of James Bode, and two of his guests in front of Fossils Last Stand at Catasauqua, PA, United States. The driver has accused the passenger of racist remarks and filed a lawsuit for assault threats. To learn more about the incident, read Fossils Last Stand Review until the very end.

About Fossils Last Stand Restaurant:

Fossils Last Stand Restaurant is inside Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. It is among the most highly-rated restaurants in the region. There are some good reviews but there are a lot of negativity reviews on dating websites. The restaurant is open for breakfast lunch, dinner and breakfast. Here are some specifics regarding the establishment:

  • Location: 429 Race St, Catasauqua, PA 18032-1111
  • Contact number: +1 610-443-812.
  • Timing: Sunday, Monday- 11:00am to 12:00am, Tuesday to Friday- 7:00am – 2:00am, Sat: 9am-2:00am.

The Viral video circulating on Twitter and Facebook platforms is affecting the Fossil restaurant severely as customers are enraged over racial slurs made by the taxi driver. The majority of the media owned by Fossil’s owner weren’t accessible.

On TripAdvisor, Fossil has a four-star rating in five reviews. It also has a 4.2 rating out of 642 votes on Facebook. The rating on is affected the most by angry customers giving ratings of 0 or 1. The ratings shown do not consider the situation.

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Fossils Last Stand Pennsylvania Owner Cab Incident:

Fossils last stand

The driver of Lyft contacted customer Jackie to take her on the ride she had booked by her in the vicinity of the Fossil Last Stand restaurant. When she saw this driver, Jackie said that the driver was similar to a regular white man and that he also spoke excellent English this irritated Bode, and he requested Jackie to repeat the comment.

A dash camera recorded the entire incident in the car, and James informed the client that it was being recorded. The person in front of the vehicle inquired about the conversation, and Bode told him of the incident.

When Fossils ‘ Last Stand Pennsylvania proprietor was ready to go, Bode was unwilling to go on the ride and asked the passengers to take the cab off. The man was irritated, threatened his Lyft driver with a slap, and made racist remarks at him.

Viral Videos about this racist slur Incident

This incident happened on the 13th of May, and Bode posted it to his Facebook page that same day. In the blog post, James stated that the group appears to be the owners of Fossils Stand; however, James isn’t sure about its authenticity. He also said that a police investigation was filed against the owner for the threat of assault and racial discrimination against the driver.

The Fossils Last Stand review as well as the reactions of the public:

Unfortunately, the latest site reviews are extremely negative. The restaurant has been hit with negative reviews because of an unplanned incident that took place with the driver of the taxi and proprietor of the establishment. Owners are receiving insulting comments and racist language. The debate got heated toward the final.

James W. Bode (the Lyft driver) uploaded the video to Facebook. The video was shared across a variety of social media sites. Many are taking to social media platforms and venting their frustration and opinions about both sides. A Fossils Reviews indicates that reviews of the product are not positive. The Yelp website has the reviews. Yelp gave the reviews as one star out of 5 stars and 1. The viral videos are available on social media platforms and on the web.

Internet users have expressed anger at the patrons and have written negative reviews for this Fossils restaurant. Most people oppose this decision to judge one’s appearance, race, color, or language. On, reviewers have given either a single or zero rating for this establishment because of improper comments made by owners.


Based on the research of internet users according to internet research, an online video relating to the incident was posted this Sunday by political strategist Adam on Twitter and is predicted to reach 1 million people. People who have an impartial view of other communities must be able to learn from this experience and decide on people’s merit.

Fossils’ Last Stand review believes that other people should take the same stand as Bode regarding discrimination based on race. The public can express their opinions about this incident by commenting in the section.

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