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10 Best Games like Wizard 101 in 2022 

If you are looking for the best MMORPG card-based battle games, then games like wizard 101 are the best games out there. Wizard 101 is a game that is somehow old but still, it is in demand, and players are still active. And due to its popularity, there are many alternative games of wizard 101 game has been introduced in the market.

But if you are the one who is fed up with the wizard 101 game then you can try its alternatives as its alternatives have somehow new and different features to entertain you more than before. We will share all the best alternatives of wizard 101 games, which will be the best real-time gameplay for you, and many other features to discover. Stick with us to consume all the details related to games like wizard 101. So, let’s dive into it! 


What kinda game is Wizard101? 

  There are many games like wizard 101 has been introduced due its popularity among players. But let me give you a brief definition of Wizard 101 game. It is a multiplayer online game (MMORPG) in which players are ready to become wizards.

What games are similar to Wizard101? 

1. Pirate 101 

2. Toontown Online 

3. Drakensang Online 

4. Villagers and Heroes 

5. Dofus 

6. Twin Saga 

7. Epic Duel 

8. Temtem 

9. Lost Kingdoms Series: 

10. Adventure Quest Worlds

The Best Games Like Wizard 101 in 2022: 

Games like Wizard 101

Below is the list of games like Wizard 101 that you and your friend circle will surely love it! 

1. Pirate 101: 

If you are looking for a game like a wizard 101 then, pirate 101 will be the best to personify the essence of wizard 101. Pirate 101 game is at the top of the list of alternatives to wizard 101 game. 

This game is developed by following the concept of wizard 101 games along with more interesting features for its players. 

It followed the same theme as Wizard 101 game, the Pirate 101 has bladder going on treasure hunting, doing quests, making new friends, and going on long exploits.

2. Toontown Online: 

If we talk about the Toontown then it is not as similar to Wizard 101, as Pirate 101, but it is still liked by players. This game has a Disney-like art-style interface. 

Toontown Online is a pretty liked game, where a player can design their character, pick their names and customize their character.  

3. Drakensang Online: 

If you are the one who loves fantasy and magical features of the wizard 101 game then Drakensang Online is the best one for you. It is set at the top-priority one in the list of best MMORPGs. 

Drakensang Online has a generic RP game interface, along with all the classic MMORPGs. It is D&D gameplay along fantasy which attracts the players like you who love magical things. 

4. Villagers and Heroes: 

The villagers and Heroes game is similar to the above-mentioned game, as this game is based on the basic classic MMORPGs. It is specially developed for players who love to explore things through magical powers.

In this Villagers and Heroes game, you as a player have to kill enemies that are scattered all over the given map, where you will be awarded as you pass the levels. 

5. Dofus: 

Although, Dofus, is not somehow comparable to wizard 101 as this game has nearly all the fantasy elements, the gameplay along with different story factors that you would love it. It has fantastic graphics that will enhance your gameplay experience. 

6. Twin Saga: 

Twin Saga is an anime-style MMORPG along with some of the most attractive colors, and energetic designs, which are the best in all the MMORPGs list. 

While Twin Saga is somehow different from Wizard 101 game as it has a different interface, and design along with classic MMORPG play which makes it one of the best games that you should try out after the Wizard 101 game. 

7. Epic Duel: 

Epic Duel is a game that has vibrant and exploding graphics. And in this game, players are allowed to customize their character and you can also choose your weapon to kill the enemies that will be your task in the game.  

The game, like Wizard 101 is a revolutionary game with a combat-based set-up in which a player has to kill the enemies. Players can use their rewards to kill more enemies and also, they can customize their weapons and become stronger to face challenges. 

8. Temtem: 

Temtem game is called the sister game of wizard 101 games. It is more likely with wizard 101 than pirate 101 games, especially in terms of battle setup and interface. 

The game is truly based on the concept of Wizard 101 game, with a more in-depth, and modern PVE/PVP battle style in the MMORPG genre. If you are a lover of the wizard 101 game, then surely you will love this game also. 

9. Lost Kingdoms Series: 

If you are looking for a unique game concept, then the Lost Kingdom Series is best for you as it has a great influence on players. In this game, there is a card-based Bettle. The Japanese franchise owns anime-style graphics and because of its unique game design, the franchise looks like a super treat for all Wizards 101 game fans. 

10. Adventure Quest Worlds: 

And at the end, we have Adventure Quest World. This game is the powerhouse of MMORPG out right now. Although, Adventure Quest Worlds, owns the traditional MMOROG game interface along with classic story structure and generic character designs. 

Is Wizard101 ever going to be free? 

Wizard101 game is a free Wizard MMORPG game! You can get free access to this game, Wizard City. And you can also get more features by having a membership. But you can play it for free along with some good features. 

Final Takeaway: 

It was a brief discussion of games like wizard 101 and their features, along with their different interfaces. Here is one-stop content for you if you were searching for games like wizard 101. Have a look at all the games discussed above and choose according to your taste. You can enjoy these games with your friends and family wherever you want. Did you like this content, let us know in the comment box.

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