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Google Snake Mods: Use Mods on Google snake game

In this write-up, we will discuss the most popular Google snake mods. Google snake game has been updated from time to time as new technology and improvement have been added to it. Now, there is a new technology has been added to this game, which customizes the option. You get the option to customize the game according to the mod. And this new option of customizing is known as Google snake mods. Google has embedded this snake game in the browser. Many people get addicted to this game usually. It means now, users can go to the Google search box and search the game by simply typing the snake game and you will get access to the game.

Stay with us to have complete details about the Google snake game. 

What is the Google snake game? 

Google snake game is the most popular game that’s why it has been added to the chrome browser by Google. Google snake game is a classic game that is played on the vertical axis. The goal of the game is to eat more fruits to get access to the next level. Do most people have a query that Is there an end to the Google Snake Game? Yes, there is an end to the Google snake game.

 Google Snake game download method is as follows: 

 You can Download the Google Snake Menu Mod from GitHub easily. 

  •  Save the Moremenu.html file to your desired device. 
  • Press CNTRL + SHIFT + O to get open your tab. 
  • Now, you have to choose the three dots on the top right corner of the screen of the desktop. 
  •  A user has to choose the import bookmarks. 
  •  Now, a user has to import the Moremenu.html file. 
  •  You can rename the file as Snake Game Menu. 
  •  Finally, now you can open the game by just typing snake game in the Google Search box. 
  • When open, click the Settings button on your device. 
  • In your tab, hit Snake Game Menu. Now, it is added to your setting slider.  

Google Snake Mods: 

A developer on GitHub has released a mode menu for the players. Through this mode menu, a player can contribute to the game and can get access to much content in the game. If you are a Google snake game lover and want to go for a higher level in the game. Then go for the Google snake mods game. Modifying a game means adding some new feature or content to a game. 

How you can mod Google snake game? 

  • First of all, a player has to download the Google snake menu mod by GitHub. You have to go to the following link through your chrome:

  • By going through the above link, you will get many assets like MoreMenu.html, Source code (zip), and Source code (tar.gz). You just have to click on MoreMenu.html and then click Save to download the file on your desktop. 
  •  Now, click on the three dots on your screen after that select the bookmarks and then go to bookmark manager. 
  • Now, rename your downloaded file. 
  • After that go to Google and search for Google snake game, now click the setting option and this game will be added to the setting slider. 

How do I get Google Snake? 

  1. Download and open Google Maps. 
  2. Press the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. 
  3. Choose the “Play Snake” option from there. 
  4. Play the “Snake” game and that’s it.

How do you play snake on Google chrome? 

Once you go to the page, hit on the Play icon in-game window. Now, select the gear icon and then hit the more menu from your tab at the top of the screen of your device. Now, all the content in the game will be unlocked. 


It was a brief discussion on the Google snake game and the new mod that has been added by a developer on GitHub. Through this mod, a player now has access to much more content of the game. It is a great thing for all snake game lovers. We have shared all the methods of how a player can download the game.

Now you can easily play the game by just searching in the Google search box as snake game. You just have to follow up on all the described steps to download and get access to this game in your browser. We hope you like our write-up if yes, let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 

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