Hajimari Balls Reviews 2022

In this write-up we will discuss the Hajimari balls and their benefits with you. In this modern age, most kids are addicted to excessive screen time. And a lot of parents want to reduce screen time of their kids. Hajimari balls are considered the best way to divert your kid toward this physical activity. We will share all the benefits of Hajimari balls with you, so stay with us till the end! let’s deep dive into it!


What is Hajimari Ball

Hajimari balls look like simple ball that goes drifts in the air and get back to the player. A parent should gift this ball to their kids so that they will be engaged in physical activity. And in this way, you will be successful in reducing your kids screen time easily. Hajimari ball floats in the air and comes back to the player when he lost its momentum. The attractive thing is this ball, are the LED lights that display during playtime. This feature makes this ball attractive for kids and youngsters also. 

Types of Hajimari Balls: 

There are three types of Hajimari balls are:

  • The Down Under 
  • The Illusion Master 
  • The Climb

Hajimari Balls Accessories: 

Hajimari Balls

Haijmari balls have the following accessories: 

  • Magnet dome 
  • A USB charging cable 
  • An Instruction Manual for player 

Features of the Hajimari Boomerang Ball: 

These are some features of Hajimari balls are: 

  •  This device is motion-activated. 
  •  This device has RGB LED light that will show a full spectrum of colors. 
  • This device worked by charging its battery. 
  •  It is easy to handle and low risk of damage. 
  • This device works on mechanical power. 
  •  This device, flies in the air and comes back to you when loses its momentum
  •  This device goes up to 100 feet. 

How does Hajimari Ball work? 

Hajimari Boomerang Ball has many attractive features in it. Especially the RGB LED lights in it. Hajimari ball floats in the air and gets back to the player as he loses its momentum. Kids can play with this device in your yard, or indoors. 

A player has to follow up on these steps to use this ball.

  •  First of all, power on the device. 
  • Secondly, a player has to shake their arms and get set to play. 
  •  Thirdly, a player throws up and it will come back to you.

Benefits of Hajimari Boomerang Ball: 

Here we are sharing some benefits of Hajimari balls with you. 

  •  Easy to handle: 

Hajimari balls are easy to carry. Thus, you can place it in your pocket and take it whereever you are going. 

  • It has RGB LED light: 

It has RDB LED light that sparks when it spins in the air. This is the most attractive part of this game. 

  • This device is Rechargeable: 

Hajimari balls are quickly chargeable it just takes 25 minutes to charge completely. 

  • Ideal for kids: 

Hajimari balls are ideal for kids as it is beneficial in reducing kids’ screen time easily. Your child will be involved in a physical activity and he or she can be play in your yard. 

  • Best for Reducing kids’ screen time: 

Hajimari Boomerang Ball is an idea for reducing the kids’ and adults’ screen time. This game does not exhaust you. Instead, it will relieve all your stress easily. Not only for kids but also good for adults to play such an amazing game to get rid of their daily stress and anxiety. 

Upsides of the Hajimari Boomerang Ball: 

  • Hajimari Boomerang Ball is easy to carry as it is lightweight. 
  •  It comes within a user-friendly budget. 
  •  This device charged speedily. 
  • This ball has an LED light that sparks during playtime. 
  • Hajimari Ball is good to eliminate stress. 
  • It has a low risk of damage, overall, it’s safe to play.

Downsides of the Hajimari Boomerang Ball: 

There are some downsides of Hajimari balls that we are listing below: 

  • Hajimari Boomerang Ball only purchased online. 
  • Hajimari balls are usually out of stock. 

Customer’s Reviews on the Hajimari Boomerang Ball: 

Here is the list of some testimonials we collected from different sites: 

“I love the way the ball returns to me even while am sitting or lying down. I never thought I could get much fun from a floating ball until recently. It can be engaging when you play with friends.” – Brian F. 

“Finally! Something that entertains my kids. Thank you Hajimari.” Natalie B. 

Well! We have collected positive reviews about this product. So, you can also go to purchase this product for yourself, or maybe for your kids or friends. 

Final Verdict: 

It was a brief discussion on the Hajimari balls. Hajimari balls are the most liked gadget by parents and kids. Hajimari ball goes flies in the air and sparks its LED light that takes all your attention and helps you in removing your whole day’s stress. And it is also helpful in reducing your kid’s screen time easily. Your child should be involved in a physical activity instead of excessive screen time. We hope you like our content, if yes, let us know in the comment box below. 

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