What is Hoarder House? Everything you need to know about it

In this write-up, we will discuss the Hoarder house. Hoarder houses are considered an exceptional chance for real estate investors.

Hoarder properties have been portrayed via different TV Shows, YouTube videos, and other real estate media houses. It is important to understand all the basics of a Hoarder house before you think to flip a Hoarder house. We will share all the information regarding the Hoarder house, so stay with us to have all the details about it. Let’s deep dive into it!  

What Is a Hoarder House?  

A Hoarder house is a home that is filled up with an immoderate quantity of the house owner’s belongings and collection. A Hoarder house is filled with material from top to bottom and wall to wall. Hoarder homes are dangerous for the occupants and also for the guest. Mobility becomes strenuous in a Hoarder’s house. The property does not become a hoarder house on its own. Home does not turn into a hoarder house, only the occupants make it a hoarder. It is important to take measures about hoarder houses, otherwise, it will become a hazardous situation for everyone. Do most people have a query that What does a hoarder’s house smell like? 

A hoarder’s house has an overthrow smell. This kind of smell originates due to the accumulation of rotten items and may be due to the collection of animal feces. 

What Is a Hoarder? 

A Hoarder is a person who collects, obtains, and saves excessive material in their living area. For a hoarder, it will become a big deal to dispose of all the items. 

A Hoarder filled their home with items such as: 

  • Clothes 
  • Mail that might be important “one day” 
  • Books, magazines, catalogs, and old newspapers 
  • Arts and crafts items 
  • Antiques, collectibles, and ornaments  
  • Old furniture 
  • Animals 
  • Trash, garbage, and used diapers 
  • Containers 
  • Free items 
  • Unopened food and rotten food 

Obtaining, and collecting different items in their homes, in an excessive quantity is a mental disorder. And a hoarder never senses that he is in a mental disorder. 

Is Hoarding a mental illness?

A Hoarder is a mental illness called compulsive hoarding, or hoarding disorder. 

According to the US National Library of Medicine, compulsive hoarding is a disabling psychological disorder characterized by excessive collecting and saving behavior that results in a cluttered living space and significant distress or impairment.  

Hoarding is a mental disease that is good to diagnose by a doctor. But a hoarder can be identified easily, as he has the mentality to gain and collect everything he likes in his space. Without worrying about the mess, he or she will create in their homes. It’s difficult to clean a hoarding home, you should be professional to clean it, or maybe you can do this with the help of your friends or some other family members.

Symptoms of Hoarding disorder: 

The symptoms of hoarding disorder are such as a hoarder person collecting items in excessive quantity and saving them in their living area or home. A hoarder person does this thing because of, their affection and love for their items.

A person who is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder and anxiety disorder, their illness may go towards hoarding behavior.  

Five Levels of Hoarding in a House: 

The Institute of Challenging Disorganization has shared a chart of five levels of hoarding, from lower to higher levels of disorder.  

  • Level One Hoarder House 

 At this level, there is a small level of mess-up that may not cause a bad odor in your living area. 

  • Level Two Hoarder House 

 In this level, a hoarder started to collect the clutter that will create a bad smell in your home. 

  • Level Three Hoarder House 

 In this level, a hoarder sets a place to collect their garbage like he may fill his bedroom with excessive stuff that will give you a whole picture of a mess. 

  • Level Four Hoarder House 

 At this level, a hoarder has excessive menace and maybe some rotten food. That will create a nauseating order in the home. 

  • Level Five Hoarder House 

 In this last level, a hoarder house becomes the worst living area. That may sometimes not have entryways because it was blocked due to the huge mess. 

Final takeaway: 

It was a brief discussion on the Hoarder and Hoarder house. Hoarding is a mental disorder in which a person is addicted to gaining and collecting an excessive number of items in their homes. Making their homes clutter or mess. A hoarder does not worry about the condition of their home. They just fill their homes from wall to wall and from bottom to ceiling with the items. A hoarder needs to be addressed by the doctor. We hope it was informative content for you, if yes let us know in the comment box below. 

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