15 Hottest Tiktokers on tiktok (2022)

Social media is filled with gorgeous women wearing tiny clothes. They may exercise or dance or create hilarious videos. The majority of attractive people prefer TikTok. They’re the most popular Hottest TikTokers that everyone should follow.

The most popular hottest TikTokers are a hit on social media and a buzz every time they upload. They are bringing heat to the Internet with updated content daily, including hilarious videos, makeup tutorials, songs, health advice, or just having fun with their family. They all appear super hot while doing it. They are never too busy to meet with the public and showcase their stunning looks. Of course, they’re not mere visual delights, But these hot influencers are creating social media fire regularly.


15 Hottest TikTokers You Need To Follow

Charli D’Amelio

Hottest TikTokers

Username: charlidamelio

Followings: 145.4 million

likes 11.1 billion

Charli D’Amelio has used her stunning beauty, enthralling personality, and humorous videos to make her the second most follower hottest TikTokers account. D’Ameilo’s followers have risen to 145.4 million users. She’s usually the top or second most popular account. Her popularity was boosted by her stunning beauty and her social media presence. D’Amelio took advantage of her fame to expand her following. In all likelihood, she’s the hot girl everyone is afraid to meet.

Bella Poarch

Who is the top Tiktoker

Username: bellapoarch

Users: 91.2 million

Comments: 2.2 billion

As of August 20, 2022, Bella Poarch was the third most-followed hottest TikTokers in the world on this platform. Poarch has amassed 91.1 million subscribers. Of course, the fans of Poarch aren’t just following her because she’s gorgeous and a gorgeous TikToker. The fans she has adored her humorous videos that are hilarious, entertaining and artistic.

Anna Zak

Who is most beautiful girl in TikTok?

Username: anna. zak

Followings: 5.1 million

likes152.3 million

The stunning Anna Zak is quickly taking over hottest TikTokers. Her stunning beauty has left her 5.1 million followers in awe. Some critics believe Zak is the most popular and influential Israeli TikTok model. Her popularity on TikTok led to a significant leap forward in her modelling and music careers. She’ll likely be the most famous account shortly.

Arishfa Khan

Who is the most famous female TikTokers India?

Username: _arishfakhan_

Followings: 28.7 million

likes1.1 billion

Arishfa Khan is one of the most well-known hottest TikTokers in India. She’s rapidly becoming an international sensation. Her stunning beauty and adorable personality have helped her garner 28.7 million followers. The TikTok celebrity continues to grow massive followers worldwide as she continues to post.

Baby Ariel

Who is most beautiful TikTok girl

Username: baby ariel

Users: 36 million

Comments:1.9 billion

Baby Ariel is among the most well-known hottest TikTokers throughout the platform’s history. There are around 36 million fans who adore every one of her content. Ariel has gained followers thanks to her hot content, hilarious videos, and adorable personality. Ariel is undoubtedly among the most gorgeous on TikTok.

Ariana Grande

Who is most beautiful girl in TikTok?

Username: arianagrande

Users: 27.7 million

likes98.2 million

Ariana Grande is more than just a pop icon; she’s a famous worldwide celeb or hottest tiktokers. She’s a remarkably gifted Internet famous. Grande has a large social media following and is considered one of the most influential people on TikTok. Other social media stars often imitate her style, but her profile isn’t just about her voice. The famous singer frequently posts helpful makeup tutorials and humorous videos.

Addison Rae

Who is most beautiful TikTok girl

Users name: Addison Rae

Users: 88.6 million

likes5.8 billion

The millions of people who follow Addison Rae believe she’s the hot lady of TikTok. She’s the fourth-most followed user on the platform, having 88.6 million users. Her career began to take off after she released a couple of singles and appeared in the movie The He’s All That. Rae frequently shares content with dancing, singing, and even putting on her makeup. She’s one of the top hottest TikTokers.

Loren Gray

Who is the most famous female TikTokers

Usersname thelorengray

Users: 54.6 million

Comments:3 billion

Loren Gray is quickly becoming the most attractive social media celebrity or hottest tiktokers. Her style and fashion-forward style have earned her millions of fans every day. Gray’s TikTok account is filled with dancing and music videos. Gray has a huge fan base on the platform, with 54.6 million users. Grey fans are enthralled and eagerly waiting for her next videos.

Holly H

Who is most beautiful girl in TikTok?

Username: holly

Followings: 15.9 million

Facebook Likes: 395.1 million

Holly H is already one of the UK’s most famous and beautiful hottest TikTokers. Holly H delights her 15.9 million daily users with music, dance and hilarious videos. Holly was first noticed on Vine and then successfully transferred to TikTok. It’s not difficult to understand why she has numerous fans.

Avani Gregg

Who is the top Tiktoker

Username: Avani

Users: 42.1 million

Comments:2.8 billion

Avani Gregg has taken TikTok to the next level. The popular hottest TikTokers has amassed a staggering 42.1 million subscribers. She frequently posts videos that include helpful makeup tutorials. In addition, she shares dance videos on the platform and has received many awards, including her 2019 TikToker of the Year Shorty Award.

Dixie D’Amelio

Who is most beautiful TikTok girl

Username: dixiedamelio

Followings: 57.4 million

Comments:3.2 billion

Dixie D’Amelio is Charli D’Amelio’s older sister. She doesn’t hide in the shadow of her younger sister or hottest tiktokers. The older D’Amelio is highly well-known and has accumulated quite a following on social media with several 57 million followers. Dixie is beautiful and just as well-known as her sister. She frequently posts hot videos, as well as funny videos too.

Jamie Stone

Who is the most famous female TikTokers

Username: imjamiestone

Followings: 1.5 million

likes10.8 million

Jamie Stone is one of TikTok’s rising stars and young. She’s only beginning her career but has already accumulated 1.5 million subscribers. She’ll undoubtedly become one of the significant social media gamers in the next few years. Her stunning looks help her gain millions of followers every day. She’s the hot lady next to the door.

Kristen Hancher

Who is most beautiful girl in TikTok?

Username: khancherz

Followings: 899.2 thousand

Facebook Likes:20.3 million

Kristen Hancher is effortlessly one of Canada’s most gorgeous TikTokers. She entertains her followers through dance videos and loves wearing her most recent clothes. Hancher is among the most prominent platform’s stars and is on her way up the ranks. Hancher could become the most popular TikTok celebrity around the globe soon.

Abby Rao

Who is the top Tiktoker

Users name: abbyrao

Users: 2.6 million

Comments:33.8 million

Abby Rao first gained social media fame through their Instagram account. Then she moved to TikTok and attracted 2.6 million users. Rao has millions of fans for her gorgeous dance videos. She often collaborates with other famous TikTokers like Charli D’Amelio. In the past, she also was a part of the female-owned production firm Hype House.

Danielle Cohn

Who is most beautiful TikTok girl

Username: Danielle Cohn

Users: 19.3 million

Comments:2.5 billion

Danielle Cohn is quickly rising to the top of TikTok. Cohn has built up many followers and now has 19.3 million users. Cohn began by posting videos of lip-syncing, but then she began to expand her fan base. In some instances, she was at the centre of controversy because of concerns over her age. However, she is still one of the biggest platform celebrities.


If you’re interested in fitness, fashion, beauty or food, gaming, sports, or whatever else you’re interested in, there’s a social media influencer to suit your needs. Over the past few years, Instagram influencers and social media have been a raging trend, and it’s not likely to be going away any time soon. If you have more ideas for social media superstars, write us a note below! We’d be delighted to hear from you!

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