How to make Holy water |definition, tips, benefits, and more  

Several religions use holy water for various purposes such as cleansing, blessing, and protection so it is crucial to know how to make holy water. There are different practices followed by different religions. In Christianity, holy water is used to give blessings to everyone who visits church by the father. However, if we talk about Hinduism, holy water is used in incalculable rituals. Buddhists are the category of Hinduism who use holy water to bless and protect their camp followers.  

Let’s move towards the main idea of this content, where you will learn how to make holy water and its superficial benefits. Let’s get started!  

How to make Holy water at home?  

In this context, we will share the whole procedure of how to make holy water at home. 

Ingredients needed to make Holy water:  

You can make holy water at your home, as you do not need any special ingredient to make this. You just have to collect the following ingredients and you are good to go.  

  1. Pure Salt (with no added ingredients)  
  1. Water (taken from natural sources)  
  1. A Bowl  
  1. Silver Metal (optional)  
  1. Glass Jar (optional)  

Procedure to make Holy water:  

Here we are going to share all the steps you have to come after to make holy water at home. Here’s how you can make it!  

1. Consecrate the Salt:  

First of all, we will let you know how to make holy salt. The salt you are going to use in this procedure, should be sanctified. Your salt should be sterling as it should not have any other impurities in it.  

If you want to make your salt consecrate, you have to speak these words from Roman Rituals- 

Our help is in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth. O salt, creature of God, I exorcise you by the living God, by the true God, by the holy God, by the God who ordered you to be poured into the water by Eliseo the Prophet so that its life-giving powers might be restored.” 

How to make Holy water

“I exorcise you so that you may become a means of salvation for believers, that you may bring the health of soul and body to all who make use of you, arid that you may put to flight and drive away from the places where you are sprinkled every apparition, villainy, and turn of devilish deceit, and every unclean spirit, adjured by Him Who will come to judge the living and the dead and the world by fire. Amen.” 

 Now, your salt is blessed. 

2. Take water from A Natural Source:  

As we know that water is something that is a direct creation by God, so you should take the water from a natural source such as a lake or river. If it is not possible for you to get the water from the above-mentioned sources then you can use distilled water.  

Take the water in a clean bowl and be ready to jump for the next step.  

3. Purify the Water:  

It’s time to purify the water, by speaking Prayer to bless holy water The Roman Ritual: here are the bible verses to bless holy water;  

holy water

4. Put Salt in the shape of a cross in a water bowl:  

After you purify the salt and water, it’s time to put them in a water bowl. Put salt in the shape of a cross & say, “May this salt and water be mixed; in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”  

5. The Final Blessing:  

In the end, to bless the holy water, recite the prayer from the book of blessings by Novus Ordo which says,  

What prayer do you say to make this water? Now, the Holy water is ready to bless you, your family & home.  

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Benefits of Holy Water:   

1. Repel the Evil:  

In many religions, people use holy water to ward off evil from their families and homes.  

Winning every time. St. Teresa of Avila has written in her mystic, ‘There was some holy water there, and I threw it in that direction; he never returned again…I often experience that there is nothing that devils flee from more without returning than holy water.’  

Holy water is so powerful to use, not even to get rid of evils, it is used to expel the negativity also.  

2. Overcomes Allurement:  

If you are the one who easily gets attracted to the allurements, then use holy water to overcome it. just like the words you speak to bless holy water: 

Every delusion and wickedness of the devil, and all unclean spirits, may fly and depart.” 

We hope that when you touch holy water, it makes your soul purified.  

3. Baptism:  

The prettiest ritual practiced by Christianity is Baptism which is not done without holy water. In this procedure, holy water is sprinkled on the head of a person, or maybe a person is submerged in holy water to bless the person with holy water. The person is considered to be purified after this practice. 


Wrapping up:  

We hope that you have learned how to make holy water & its fantastic benefits that are used in various religions to bless their family, home, and friends from evils, negativity, and many more. If you think that it is a handy helpful write-up for you, comment below to share your thoughts! 

how to make holy water

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