HP vs Dell: Which Brand is Better? 

Hp vs Dell, which has more advanced features in them, is the most frequently searched query because when you are going to buy a new laptop, you should be 100% confident. Both hp and dell offer top-quality features and are leading in the market. 

Nonetheless, if you are a gaming lover, then go for Dell and if you need a laptop for daily usage then HP is recommended. Because HP has good battery timing. So, keep reading till the end as we are going to explore this whole topic for you. Thus, let’s see which brand is better. 


Dell Laptops: 

We will share all the details of hp vs dell laptops. But first, let me tell you about the Dell laptop. Dell company was launched in 1984 and become the most popular one in the computer field. This brand has made its reputation by producing high-quality products at a low cost such as you can buy a new Dell laptop for just $800. 

Dell’s XPS line of laptop features include high-volume speakers, great design, and a touch screen. This laptop has an Intel Core i7 processor from the 10th generation, that provides you with more than 13 hours of battery timing along with a comfortable keyboard. 

Upsides Of Dell Laptops: 

Below we have shared the upsides of Dell laptops: 

  • Dell laptops are popular due to their amazing deals as they offer sales on their product frequently. 
  • Dell laptops have a huge variety of models. So, you can pick according to your choice. 
  • Dell laptops are good for gaming, but not for daily usage. 
  • Dell laptops have good memory and storage capacity which makes them ideal for your office work. 
  • You can run a lot of applications and websites at one time on your Dell laptop. 

Downsides Of Dell Laptops: 

Below we have shared some downsides of Dell laptops: 

  • Dell laptops get overheated while using them. But not every model of Dell overheated, only a few of them have this issue. So, you should make sure of this thing before you purchase a Dell laptop. 
  • Dell laptop users have complained about its build quality, but this was an issue in the past, and now they have worked on it, to make it better for their customers.
  • Some users do not like its design and interface. 

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HP Laptops: 

Hp laptops were founded by William Hewlett and David Packard in 1939. It is also a well-known brand in the computer industry and offers its customers many different models which have varied features and prices. 

HP is the main competitor of Dell, as they are both well-known and popular among people. Hewlett Packard started to introduce their laptops along with new features within an affordable price range but still, HP laptops need a lot of improvements to stand out in the competition of Dell. 

Upsides Of HP Laptops: 

You can check all upsides of HP laptops that we have shared below: 

  • HP laptops come with a less price range compared to Dell and other models in the market. HP laptop costs you less than $800. 
  • HP laptops offer you a wide range of models starting from work to entertainment. 
  • HP laptops are good to use if you have to use them daily. 

Downsides Of HP Laptops: 

Hp laptops have some downsides that we have listed below: 

  • HP laptops may also have the issue of overheating. 
  • HP laptop has another flaw which is its design as a lot of users do not like it and complained about it to make it even better. 

Comparison Of Dell and HP Laptops: 

Battery Timing: 

  • On average, Dell laptops have good battery timing as the one-time charge will go for 7-8 hours of usage.  
  • Dell’s XPS series is one of the best Dell models that has even more features than before along a touch screen and its battery timing is also admired by its users. 
  • Meanwhile, if we talk about HP laptops, then users like it more than Dell in terms of battery timing as HP one time charge will go for 12 hours of usage. HP laptops come with three-cell and four batteries which is superb. 
  • HP laptop battery will last for 2 to 4 years even if you use it on regular basis. 

 Look & Design: 

  • Dell laptops have a less attractive design as this company does not pay attention to its overall design. 
  • HP laptops have an attractive overall look along with super hardware parts that make their users happier than ever. 
  • However, now Dell has also noticed that design is also an important factor to consider so their new models have a clean and somehow gorgeous overall look. The most popular model is Dell’s XPS laptop. 


  • In terms of durability, Dell is a good option if you need a long-run laptop. It also provides you with a warranty that is liked by its users. 
  • And if we talk about HP laptops, they are not as durable as Dell. Many users complain that their HP laptops crashed within just 1 to 2 years of usage.  If we talk about the hp vs dell reliability, dell is better one.


  • If we talk about the productivity of laptops, then Dell laptop has a friendly budget along with impressive capabilities. Budgeting laptops are getting huge popularity in the market. Dell laptops have high performance compared to HP laptops. 
  •  Dell laptops have massive amounts of RAM, compared to HP laptops. 


  • If we compare the overheating issue, then both Dell and HP laptops are not good in this regard as both get overheated soon. 
  • However, HP laptops get overheated soon compared to Dell laptops. 

Final Thought: 

We have compared all the features of HP vs Dell. Now, it is your choice which one you like to purchase. Read all the details shared above and pick the best one for you. Are you using a laptop? Then which one do you find best? let us know in the comment box below. We would like to hear from you.

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