Ivory Oral reviews (September 2022) Must read it before buying

What Is Ivory Oral?

Ivory Oral uses advanced vibrations to clean your teeth and massage your gums.

You should, however, check Ivory Oral Review to see if the claims about this product are valid.

It claims to give users fresh breath and a confident smile. This tooth cleaner will make you feel fresh every morning.

This tooth cleaner is claimed to give you whiter, healthier smiles in just a few minutes.

It will also not spoil your moment when you make a new friend or smile. This cleaner doesn’t need to be rinsed. Is ivory oral safe? It won’t harm your teeth if you use it to clean.

Before you purchase this product. we recommend verifying its information’s authenticity and completeness.

Ivory Oral

Specifications of Ivory Oral:

  • The price of the product was $49.99
  • There are four options for free interest payments of $12.50
  • This product is available in both blue and pink.
  • The product vibrates 12,000 times per hour to reduce enamel and gum damage.
  • It comes with a USB charging cable, which can fully charge up to 200 times.
  • You can safely remove teeth stains with five adjustable vibration frequencies
  • Silicone, stainless steel head, and water-resistance device ensure safe and secure usage.

Is Ivory Oral Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner worth Buying?

  • It is wise to confirm the authenticity of any product before you purchase it.
  • Launched the Ivory Oral Dental Instruments website in September 2020. It is about six months old.
  • This product reviews have been very positive. They also have a 5-star rating which is hard to believe.
  • Online reviews of available products were not available.
  • This product site confidence level is only 5%. This is extremely low.
  • Not active on social media for the seller’s website or product information.

These facts are not reasons to recommend this product. Before you decide to give the product another chance, we recommend that you reread it.

Pros of using of Ivory Oral

  1. It’s compact and easy to carry.
  2. You can achieve a healthy, happy smile in just minutes
  3. It is claimed to be safe for personal use.
  4. It’s suitable for all ages.
  5. The product uses high-tech vibrations.
  6. This product will make you smile and give you fresh breath.

The cons of using Ivory Oral

Let’s take a look at the cons of purchasing this product.

It is doubtful that any positive Reviews are posted on the seller’s site.

Created a new portal to sell this product. It is not easy to trust this new portal.

The seller’s website is not active on any social networking page.

The internet does not contain any information regarding the product.

Is Ivory Oral Legit?

We provide the following information to give our users more detail:

You can also view the Reviews to get all the details.

On September 8, 2020, I created the website for this product.

Its domain name is Ivory smilez.

It is rated 5-star on

this product has no reviews.

this product trust rating is five, which is very low and difficult to trust.

Ivory Smilez doesn’t have a social media presence.

We concluded that this product should not be used without your permission. Before you use it to clean your teeth, make sure that you verify its authenticity.

Before you use a tooth cleaner, it is essential to understand its benefits and durability. Using the wrong product can cause damage to your teeth and leave you with pain and stains.

Ivory Oral Reviews

There are no reviews on the internet. Ivory Smilez has not posted any opinions or discussions about the oral care product.

Ivory Smilez claims its product can effectively remove your teeth’ calculus, plaque, and stains.

It also removes tartar quickly and protects against gum disease. This oral cleaner can be recharged and used whenever you need to clean your teeth.

This device will clean your plaque and stains even if you cannot visit your dentist.

It is difficult for us to recommend this product to our viewers because we have not read the opinions and views of the customers.

Therefore, it would help if you searched Reviews to verify its authenticity and legitimacy.


Ivory Smilez launched this product, an oral care product that helps maintain your smile and health.

The tooth cleaner is safe and flexible and can be quickly and safely charged with a USB.

Ivory Smilez claims it used only the best materials to make this product.

We could not find genuine buyer reviews to assess the product’s efficacy. The selling website also has a low trust score. These are red flags.

You should, however, review Ivory Oral Reviews before purchasing from Ivory Smilez or using it.

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