Kikoff Credit Review: How does it work?

If you are looking to increase your credit score, then kikoff is a better option. But before you take the final decision check the kikoff credit review. The kikoff platform offers you a $750 loan with a $5 monthly repayment that helps you in building your credit history. The kikoff platform offers variant services such as money management and professional skills that will help you in re-establishing your financial situation. This Kikoff review shows you how to use this platform to improve your credit score and its worth. Be with us till the end to have all the details. Let’s directly dove into it!


What is meant by Kikoff Credit Loan? 

We are going to explore the Kikoff review but first, let’s see the kikoff  platform meaning. Kikoff is a fintech platform which is initiated in 2019 and it is a low-cost way to enhance your credit score easily. You can easily get access to this platform using any device such as a laptop, or smartphone. This platform charges $5 per month and reports on-time repayment to credit bureaus. You can also take a loan for handling your financial situation easily. Each payment you pay will strengthen the following credit score factors: 

  • Payment history (35% of your credit score) 
  • Credit utilization (30%) 
  • Account age (15%) 
  • Credit mix (10%) 

Where Is Kikoff  Platform operating? 

Kikoff Credit Loan

The kikoff platform is operating in 47 states of US and it is working to enlarge its platform. They offer a lot of beneficial services. And you should be at least 18 years old before you apply for a loan at the kikoff platform. And the kikoff platforms do not operate in the following states: 

  • Delaware 
  • Indiana 
  • Nevada 

The interest rate of kikoff:

Line of credit amount$500
Min. credit scoreNone

How Does Kikoff Platform Work? 

The Kikoff Credit account works the same as a credit card. You can borrow a $750 loan from this platform. You can take a loan again after paying previous payments. You just have to sign up at their official page and apply for the loan, and after getting approved you will be rewarded with your loan. Most people wanted to know that Is the app Kikoff legit? Kickoff is a licensed lender platform that is committed to offering you “equality in financial opportunity” which helps people in building a good credit score. This lender platform reports your installments to two major credit bureaus, Equifax and Experian.

Kickoff details:

Line of credit amount: $700Loan amount: Ranges from $600 to $1,800
Cost: FreeCost: $5 administrative fee; APR varies, see for current pricing options.
Credit check: NoneCredit check: None
Reporting: Experian and EquifaxReporting: All three credit bureaus
Term: Revolving; monthlyLoan term: 1 or 2 years
Available in: 47 states (Delaware, Indiana excluded)Available in: All 50 states

How to join the kikoff credit account? 

You can get access to the kikoff platform by signing up on their official page. And this platform does not check your previous credit history. You just have to provide your identification details, such as your name, email address, and Social Security Number. Kickoff is available in 47 US cities. You cannot get access if you are not on that list. For joining this platform, follow the below listed steps:

  • You have to visit the official website of the kikoff platform. 
  • Now, by going to the main page, sign up for the further process. 
  • To sign up, you have to provide your name, email address and a passcode. 
  • verify your account by email or phone number. 
  • Now, you can easily apply for the loan by following the instructions given on the page. 

How can you Use the kikoff Account? 

Once you have created your Kikoff Credit Account, you can see all the services they offer. They also offer you various e-books which cost only $10 to $20. And their e-books have a complete guideline on personal finance and wellness. Kikoff platforms do not report your payment to the credit bureaus until you do not purchase any service from their platform. Once you purchase any service, they will report your payment to the credit bureau.

In this way, you can establish your credit score. Most people want to know that Is Kikoff good for credit? Kikoff Credit Account is good compared to other lenders as they do not charge any fee on a credit check and their interest rate is also less. There is only one flaw which is that you have to buy any of their services from their platform to build your credit score.

Pros of kikoff Platform: 

  • The kikoff platform gives monthly payments reports to the credit bureaus which will help you in building your credit score. 
  • Kikoff platforms do not have any hidden fees or interest rates. 
  • This platform does not check your credit history. 

Cons of kikoff Platform: 

  • You have to buy their e-books even if you do not want them. 
  • They do not report your credit account until you fulfill their condition (Buying their services).

What is the cost of a kikoff loan? 

There are many different services you can avail, and you have to pay a fixed monthly payment for every service you take.  Unlike some other credit-building programs, you do not have to pay the following fees: 

  • Interest charges 
  • Late fees 
  • Administrative fees 
  • Hidden fees 
  • Early repayment fees 

However, your credit score will be affected if you do not make your payment on time. And this platform is free to register, and you do not have to pay anything before you take a loan or do not need to make any commitments. Most people have a query that can I use my Kikoff credit anywhere? Yes, you can utilize their services from anywhere within the operating states.

Kikoff Testimonials: 

Kikoff is launched in 2019. So, we have collected some reviews for you and most of the reviews are negative as the kikoff-platform is not rated good by Better Business Bureau( BBB). We have found only 23 reviews, and it has a 2.3-star rating. But we still suggest you do your research before applying.

Final Takeaway: 

We have shared all details of the kikoff review. Now if you are in some financial problems, then you can borrow a loan from the kikoff platform and re-establish your financial condition. Have you ever used this platform? If yes share your experience in the comment box below.

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