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Do you want to go to makeup school? Are you looking for a website that has great makeup artists? We can only then share the facts about Kimberley Bosso reviews with you.

Kimberley Bosso is a star to makeup artists around the globe. Kimberley Bosso will always be available, whether performing on a red carpet or for an editorial shoot. Individuals Australia, Uk, the Netherlands, U. s This school is open to Canada and the United States. Let’s look at Kimberley Bosso’s reviews and then try to capture every detail on the portal.

Are you a Makeup aspirant? Do you want to receive fast-track makeup training at reputed makeup artists and institutes in the United States? Are you familiar with different institutes? Do you find it difficult to choose which institute to join? Are you unable to afford all the makeup classes?

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This article is about Kimberley Bosso Makeup School Reviews which offers courses starting at $300 and going up to $7500 depending on your budget.

Who is Kimberley Bosso?

Kimberley Bosso is a celebrity makeup artist. Her nickname is “The Go-To Celebrity Makeup artist.” She has provided services at red carpet events, fashion shows, and Hollywood celebrities. In her studio, she also offers fast-track training for makeup artists.

She has assisted many celebrities, including fashion shows, honorary pathway events, and Hollywood artisans. In her studio, she also prepares makeup for aspiring women quickly.

What’s Kimberley Bosso’s website?

This website allows you to access all cosmetic makeup products at a very affordable price. Sign up for their school to book makeup classes and learn from their experts.
The multifaceted makeup market is in high demand. Kimberley Bosso is a photographer, designer, and company director’s hub. Each month, the makeup school in La accepts four students and makes them professional artists.

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Kimberley Bosso

What exactly are different services obtainable in Kimberley Bosso?

Traditional makeup
Makeup with an airbrush
Brow shaping
Makeup classes
Tattoo coverage
Eyelash makeup
Private training
Online makeup school
Professional makeup artist certification
Shopping spree

Kimberley Bosso makeup school

Course details and fees:

Kimberley Bosso’s makeup school offers many benefits, including access to her vast industry knowledge and experience and the opportunity to learn from one of the most highly-respected makeup artists in the country. Bosso’s school also offers lessons and courses suitable for all levels, including beginners and those looking to improve their skills.

  • One hour of private makeup lessons will provide essential information about daily makeup. The cost of the private lessons is $300. According to Kimberley Bosso’s makeup school reviews, it will cover daytime looks, eyelash application, color matching, and face analysis.
  • Will cover lessons daytime, nighttime, and evening makeup will cover lessons for daytime, nighttime, and evening makeup in the 2-hour class. Classes will cost $500. The cost of the classes includes a face analysis, color matching, and eyelash application.
  • This 1-day workshop will teach you how to apply the basics of makeup on a woman, in the daytime, at nighttime, and with LOOKS OF CHOICE. The course fee is $1500. The course covers color matching, eyelash application, and face analysis.
  • The cost of the 2-day makeup course is $2500. This is a 2-day course that covers the basics of makeup.
  • This 4-day makeup course is essential as it will give you hands-on experience and the knowledge to apply makeup. It will also teach you the best makeup techniques. Kimberly offers airbrushing as a bonus. A four-day intensive makeup class costs $5000.
  • The 6-day makeup course includes the 4-day makeup course and additional information to make you a PRO MAKEUP artist. It also includes extensive airbrush training and business and marketing training. $7500 is the cost of the six-day course.

Kimberley Bosso makeup school reviews:

All reviews are positive from reliable sources. Aspirants rated it 5/5 stars, which is excellent! It is a LEGITIMATE and CERTIFIED makeup institute.

Bosso’s expertise has been the subject of a variety of opinions. Many appreciated Kimberley’s work. The makeup is done in a most flattering way to the face. Booso is a top school in La, opening up a world of student opportunities.
People consider Kimberley an unprofessional artist who paid no money for the babysitter. Instead, she charges you a high price for makeup. The customer’s hair was completely ruined when she used the brushes.


The intensive makeup school offers intensive makeup classes for two days, four days, and six days. Kimberly will only take four students to class during all courses. The course will begin with theory, and then you’ll move on to live makeup demonstrations by Bosso. Students can learn how to apply makeup themselves. All courses require payment in instalments. We found that the Kimberley Bosso Reviews had a median rating of 2.3 stars. If you are interested in its professional services, we recommend you check out its social media profile and read all the reviews.

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