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Play free Online Roulette game for fun (2022)

Roulette provides all the information on the online roulette you require in one place, and you can play the game yourself. All players are welcome to browse our site and learn all information about this classic game as they explore the most enjoyable roulette games online that are free to play. Our online roulette demo is designed to allow players to master the game quickly, learn the possible payouts, and have fun playing online Roulette. The team behind our site has ensured that no stone is left to be left.

We test every game we play for real money and guarantee that you’ll have no difficulty in finding the most suitable alternatives for yourself. To achieve this, every player must take the time to research games that interest players the most. From exploring worthwhile bonus online roulette games in Canada to deciding on the games that suit the player you most, there’s lots to do at Roulette and learn about the top games, you are intended to perform.

Play For Free Vs Real Money Roulette

If you would like to test roulette, the issue of which one is likely to be superior will often come up. If you think about it this way, there are benefits to sticking to any version that you play. For instance, those brand new to the game might discover a roulette demo for free as an excellent opportunity to learn about the game, learn about the payouts, and generally gain a sense of what it is.

Differently, you can be prepared before you move to real money-based playing. There’s no reason not to continue playing any game for the time required. Our website will ensure that you’re ready. Here is a brief overview of the reasons you might want to give either a go

Free Roulette

  • No financial risk
  • Experiment with unusual bets
  • Test roulette strategies to see if they work
  • Try different variations of roulette without losing money
  • Play for as long as you like

Real Money Roulette

  • No financial risk
  • Experiment with unusual bets
  • Test roulette strategies to see if they work
  • Try different variations of roulette without losing money
  • Play for as long as you like
Roulette game online

Top Online Roulette Software

To ensure that your experience with roulette is a positive one, it is important to select games that are reputable and well-known companies. This will let you ensure that you surely win your money. Here you will discover the top roulette service providers.


Playtech is the enduring Studio behind some of the adored versions of roulette: Age of Gods. With Age of Gods, you are not just playing a classic old-fashioned game but also testing your luck and attempting to win an enormous jackpot and a bonus that completely changes your experience. Playtech has also released top-quality game variants, for instance, Quantum Roulette and European Roulette, as well as other versions.


NetEnt focuses on creating some of the most enjoyable roulette games that are analogous. NetEnt is focused on the classic versions of the game, which include European, French, and American, and provides you with some of the most exciting and low-maintenance games that truly make it worthwhile for players.


Evolution is an enterprise focused on the imagination that is beyond the limits of your imagination. It has come up with some of the unique games available. It is focused on live casino games, including Immersive Roulette, Lighting Roulette, Live Speed Roulette, and many other aspects of the gaming experience that make this genre of games equally popular and profitable.


Micro-gaming is the first online gaming studio in the world and, therefore, can develop this vertical aspect of roulette. This means you can play some of the best live and analogous games, such as Real Roulette, Multi-fire Roulette, American Roulette Gold Series, Sapphire Roulette, Multi-Player Roulette, and many more!

Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play is another well-known name in the world of roulette. In this regard, you’ll be delighted to know that the company has released several great games, which include but not only Roulette Slot, Mega Roulette, Free Roulette, European Roulette, Roulette Crystal, and many more. Each of them adds to an enjoyable experience with an innovative way to play traditional games.

How We Rate the Best Online Roulette Sites

How do we select the most reliable casinos online which offer online roulette? Our team of experts uses a stringent process to evaluate each casino by its merit.Best roulette sites for real money Africa business online roulette games .

Here are the criteria that our experts apply in evaluating roulette websites online:

Security and Safety

Security is the first thing we consider when we recommend an online casino to you. It is far more important than the fun factor, game selection, casino bonus offers, and any other aspect. Examined each casino on the list for a variety of characteristics. These include having a legitimate license to gamble and an excellent reputation, positive customer feedback, and reasonable guidelines and terms. We also ensure that every site uses encryption technology to safeguard your personal information and that all games offered are confirmed, honest, and fair.

A Variety of Roulette Games

There are a variety of thrilling online roulette variations out there. Our experts review all varieties of roulette. This includes the live roulette game, American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette. In addition, you’ll see many unique spinoffs and slots like Reely Roulette and the board game Monopoly Roulette Tycoon at the new casino sites.

Promotions and bonuses

All of our approved casinos provide a substantial welcome bonus once you sign up. As a loyal customer, you’ll have numerous opportunities to earn no-cost spinning, no deposit bonus offers. as well as loyalty rewards. But, when our analysts review bonuses at casinos, they will specifically look into whether they can use them on roulette games online. If they are applied, the casino is moved into the top ranks.

Banking Options

It is not the case for everyone to deposit funds with a debit or credit card. Many players prefer to transfer money from online roulette using an electronic wallet like Skrill and Neteller. You could also experiment with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH). Everybody’s different. This is why our reviewers prefer websites that offer a wide variety of withdrawal and deposit methods.

Fast Payouts

While having a variety of deposit options is desirable, however, it’s not much if you must wait for a while to receive your winnings. Our team of experts will perform some withdrawals from every gambling site they examine to determine the speed at which cash-outs are. Only the top-performing players will be able to make it onto our list.

Online Roulette

Popular Roulette Game Variations

If you’ve heard the terms French and American Roulette being used but haven’t grasped the distinction, it’s a chance to understand. We’ll provide an easy overview of the most well-known variations of Roulette. Knowing what makes one different from another will allow you to choose the best game to play.

American Roulette

American Roulette is among the most well-known roulette variations available. The main difference is the roulette wheel is equipped with double zeros, in addition to the traditional single zero used in European or French Roulette. Unfortunately, double zeros push the odds towards the casino and boost the odds of winning by 5.26 5 %.

European Roulette

Many players prefer free European Roulette as their preferred variant of this game because there is 2.7 percent. The wheel’s numbers range between 1-36 and one zero. You can make all the common betting bets on the numbers (or groups of numbers), lines or colors, odd/even, and more. Make yourself comfortable with European Roulette, and you’ll get off to a great beginning.

French Roulette

French Roulette generally mirrors European Roulette. However, the game is governed by two unique rules players can benefit from. The first is “la partage,” which lets you get the amount of your bet if you lose the bet you placed outside due to the ball settling inside the zero pocket. The rule ‘en prison’ lets you take back all stakes you staked if you’ve placed an even-money bet, and the ball ends up inside the zero pockets. Both rules lower the house edge on actual bets on money to 1.35 percent.

Mini Roulette

Are you fed up watching your ball repeatedly fall into a losing pocket? You can increase your chances of winning with Mini Roulette. The name says it all Mini Roulette is a smaller version of a traditional game. The wheel ranges from 1-12 with only one zero, meaning you’re more likely to hit with each bet. However, the chances of winning have altered to show this. Although you will be more likely to win, you’ll likely earn lower amounts of money for each spin.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Multi-Wheel Roulette utilizes its online capability to offer many games simultaneously. Instead of putting your chips on the table and waiting for them to be ready, you can play across various wheels. Regarding your layout, you’ll only have one table. However, you can utilize this table to bet on multiple roulette wheels that spin, typically located right above the table. This means that you’re more likely to win at any time – however, keep in mind that the stake you place will rise for each additional wheel you choose.

Live Dealer Roulette

If you’re looking for a live experience but aren’t sure if you want to travel to a brick-and-mortar establishment, live dealer roulette is your best choice. The online game shows live footage streaming directly from a live roulette table that allows you to place bets on the happenings. Most of the time, you’ll know what live casinos you’re at and be in a position to talk with the dealer and other players on the internet.

How to Play Online Roulette

After you’ve learned about the various game variations available, it’s time to learn how to play roulette online. If you follow our suggestions, you’ll be an expert within minutes. You can use free roulette app .

Below is a quick step-by-step guide to the roulette game online. If you’re seeking more in-depth information about roulette and its rules, we suggest you go through our detailed guide to playing roulette.

Select a game

Roulette is a game you can play for free in real time on this site, or visit your preferred website’s roulette lobby and choose one of the games. Click ‘Play,’ and you’ll be taken to a different screen to play. Roulette online can be played using your browser or on whatever device you want to play on, including smartphones and tablet computers.

Decide How Much You’ll Bet

When deciding on your betting options, there are chips of different sizes, colors, and colors, which indicate their value. You can click through them to change the amount you’re betting on every time. You can put a range of smaller bets on the table or concentrate on a specific area, such as black or red.

Place Your Bet

Once you’ve settled on a bet, you’re now ready for you to make your wagers. Click on different sections of the table and place one or several bets.

If you’re beginning to learn about this, don’t jump to make a large bet. Instead, start by trying a few taster bets, such as an odd/even bet or red/black. This allows you to test whether you like an individual variation of roulette without risking a lot of money. You will also be familiar with the different chip denominations as well as the speed of the roulette wheel. Many players are also drawn to the recent patterns before deciding on a wager.

If you slip up at any point, look for the option of reversing the last Bet. You’ll have to take action quickly; your bets will be locked in as soon as the wheel spins.

Hit Spin

After you have decided on your bets and your chips are in the game, press the spin button to continue through the spinning. In certain games, there is no choice but to spin, which will be done by itself. While spinning, the ball is likely to be placed in one of the pockets of the roulette wheel. Your winnings will be credited instantaneously and then paid. You can play again when the game restarts, and you can choose to bet again using equal stakes from the previous spin or wager using new stakes all the time.

Best Options to bet on Online Roulette

There’s no reason to be overwhelmed when considering the various gambling options available on the roulette table. If you look at it more granularly in a simpler format, it’s quite simple.

Roulette bets are divided into two categories betting on inside and outside bets. This is simply the place where bets are placed in the game. Anything between the numbers 1-36 is an “inside” bet. Anything that is beyond those numbers is considered an “outside bet.

Below is a brief overview of the various betting options available when playing roulette online. However, if you’re interested in information on the roulette odds to ensure the best wagers for your bankroll, check out our roulette odds expert guide.

Inside Bets

  • Straight You can bet only on one single number.
  • Split: A bet which is divided into two numbers.
  • Street Three numbers within the form of a line.
  • Corner/Square The Bet is placed at the intersection of 4 numbers.
  • Six Line/ Double Street: A bet made on two adjacent lines that cover six numbers.
  • Three: A bet covering three numbers and a minimum of one zero.
  • First Four Bet that specifically includes 1-1-2-3.
  • Basket It is a First Four bet with a double zero.

Outside Bets

  • 1-18 (Low, Manque) or 19-36 (High and passe): A bet with 18 numbers.
  • The outcome is either black or red. Bet on either outcome being either red or black.
  • Odd Or Even Bet on the result of being strange or even.
  • A dozen Bets cover the game’s primary, third, or second portion, which equals twelve figures.
  • Column Bets on the entire vertical column equal up to twelve figures.
  • Snake: A specific bet covering 1-5-9-12-14-16-19-23-27-30-32-34. If you have the option, Place a chip on the edge of the square bordered by the betting area 19-36.

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