How to promote brands through GIFs?

In the Survey conducted by the Tenor in a Tenor survey, two-thirds of millennials believed that gifs do a better job of conveying emotion than text. It’s true with GIFs that allow brands to draw and engage their audience in ways that simple text and static pictures cannot. In our article, we can discuss How to promote brands through GIFs?

What Is a GIF?

GIF is a shorthand in GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It’s a picture file that can be used to store multiple images and then deliver them in a sequence and create the appearance of animation. GIFs were invented by U.S. software developer Steve Wilhite in 1987 as he tried to utilize animated images without the size of a large file.
Yes, GIFs have been around for more than 30 years – longer than the internet.
GIFs quickly became an internet sensation and have become more popular since they first became. They’re compatible with a variety of web browsers and operating systems. They also utilize an infinite loop that autoplay when loaded.

Find Gifs Through a Gif Search Engine

GIF search engines are an archive of gifs that you can search using categories, promote brands through GIFs the popularity of each, their name or artist, and a variety of other parameters for the search, just like an image-based site.
Typically you input the word, phrase, or quote, and the results will be displayed from the most popular to the least.
This is where gif-based search engines could significantly differ from traditional search engines Keywords with long tails can restrict your search results.
Let’s say I’m looking for a gif to celebrate and I type in “celebrate.” What I get:

promote brands through gifs

Giphy, the example site mentioned above, is arguably the most popular gif-based search engine. Giphy is the second-largest of the search engines on the web.

(However, this isn’t the only choice. Other websites to locate GIFs include Tumblr, Tenor, Tumblr, Reddit, and Imager).On the Giphy platform, brands can make channels for their gifs similar to YouTube. The National Archives has its own Giphy channel

What Do People Use Gifs For?

Gifs are now used as an alternative to Emojis and text in our daily online conversations. Marketers can take advantage of this train using gifs for marketing to capture our target audience’s attention people can promote brands through GIFs through their endless Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr feeds and interacts with them on all these marketing tools.

Gifs were present since 1987, well before internet use became commonplace. It was an image of a commercial aircraft moving through the sky in a cloud.

At the beginning of the internet’s commercialization, Gifs were everywhere on websites, spinning icons, signs under construction flashing CTA buttons — and it was busy.

Gifs then evolved into dancing anything: the peanut butter-jelly banana and, of course, dancing babies—child dancing was likely the first gif that achieved the status of a pop culture icon

marketing gif funny

.Gifs are so much more than just a tool to entertain, however. Marketers can leverage their popularity to promote brands through GIFs in innovative ways. Gifts can utilize gifts in marketing via email, social media posts, and even blogs. Some blogs even write whole articles with GIFs!

Tips for Gif Engine Search Optimization (GEO)

As with other search engines, you must be aware of the gif engine’s search engine (GEO) for the best use of gifs.

If you don’t already have an account, make your account with a platform such as Giphy, especially when you’re considering creating your GIFs. It’s another option to promote brands through GIFs users can share on their social media channels.

It’s not enough to upload your content. It would be best if you improved it. Here are some helpful tips to optimize your GIFs.

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Be Mindful of the Purpose of Your Message and Your Audience When You Use Gifs

Before promote brands through GIFs, think about what you’re hoping to accomplish. What do you hope your viewers gain from the image? The most specific goals for gifs are:

  • Gaining shares and likes
  • Engaging in conversations to boost participation
  • The process of generating awareness for a product or service.
  • The rate of clicks on clicks is increasing.

Think about the types of gifs you can use for your platform and viewers. What kind of response will they have? If you’re using a pop culture reference, will they be able to recognize the connection?

Also, ensure that your gif is speaking to your audience; it’s not to them. It’s simple to select a gif based on its popularity or humor, but it’s also relatively easy to appear deaf.

In the 2020 election, Gap created a gif of red and blue sweatshirts, which merged with the words “The one thing we do know is that as a group, we can go forward.”

The gif has shared the gif during the time that votes were still counted and was viewed by many as poor timing and, considering how tense the situation was, out of touch. Removed it; however, as we’ve learned, the internet is awash with information, and anything posted online will be accessible for all time.

It’s essential to think about more than the statements that your gifs make but the actions that characters or individuals in the gifs you’ve chosen have done.

If you’re including celebrities or politicians in your gifs, make sure you conduct the necessary research on their recent adventures.How to promote brands through GIFs? Did they do anything controversial? If you’re employing a fictional character, do you have anything about the person that might turn people off?

Keep Up With Gif Trends

Staying current with gifs will keep you promote brands through GIFs in the forefront and allow you to be visible in search results with popular keywords.

Some GIFs are trending; think of the dance infant or “guy who is in the middle of the party” birthday.

gif maker

Many gifs are riffs on the most popular TV shows, film events, celebrities, or even the names of famous people.
One method to ensure that your gifs and, in the extension of your website, content are by making a new GIF directly related to an event.
Another option to keep up with fashion is to create an animated gif based on a well-known film, show, or person of interest. It could be a famous politician or an individual having fun (or not enjoying) having fifteen minutes of fame.
For example, do you remember Justine Masters of RuPaul’s Drag Race?

The gif received over 419 million views in 2019. Using such a thing could prove that you’re up to date with the latest trends.

Keep an Eye on Gif File Size

In the case of GIFs, more minor is typically more effective. Giphy offers the following suggestions when uploading gifs onto their website:

  • Files with 8MB or less are recommended. Files with less than 8MB are ideal.
  • Resolutions of less than 480 pixels are the most efficient.

Gifs are not the same as still images, for which the resolution is crucial. They are much more important to convey the meaning and not the design, particularly since most gifs are viewed via mobile.

Add Tags to Your Gifs

Once you’ve uploaded your GIF, Don’t forget to include tags to ensure users can look for them. Be sure to include all tags that are relevant to the topic. For instance, if employing, for example, the Jasmine Masters gif above, you could consist of “Jasmine Masters,” RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and “And I am sorry.”

Keep Gifs Short and Sweet

Gifs aren’t videos. They are not videos, and Giphy suggests that gifs be kept under 60 seconds or 100 frames whenever possible; however, longer is permitted.

Six Ways to Use Gifs to Promote Your Brand

Gifs have become a new language. Gifts can use gifs to express emotion, react to and support others, or describe difficult things to communicate in writing and promote brands through GIFs. I can say anything through gifs.

It also includes telling your target audience why they should pick your company.

Here are some suggestions on how to use gifs to help promote brands through GIFs to the people you want to reach.

Use Gifs to Entertain Your Audience

It is the most commonly used use of GIFs. Companies use gifs solely to entertain their customers by sharing popular gifs that relate to their brands or making their own and they can promote brands through Gifs.

Here’s one from Chick-fil-A’s fast-food restaurant, made with their mascot, the cow.

When you’re using pop culture images or creating something entirely your own, making it attractive can draw people into it and how to promote a brand on instagram.

Use Gifs in Blog Posts

The undisputed leader of the listicle with gifs can be found on Buzzfeed. They’ve invented a whole genre of posts based entirely on GIFs.

Giphy has also joined the scene, publishing blog posts about current events and subjects that use gifs as the search results.

Be aware that you don’t need to write entire stories made of GIFs. Just a few strategically placed images in your blog posts could help to illustrate or stress an idea better than a static image.

Pro Tips: If your blog post is on a serious subject, it is recommended to leave gifs out.

Use Gifs in Email Marketing

Utilizing GIFs in marketing emails isn’t always easy, but they can be beneficial if done correctly.

Consider how your intended people would react to gifs included in emails. For certain people, receiving an email with a flurry of animated images is an irritant.

That’s where some studies can be helpful. For instance, please look at how your audience interacts with your brand’s message on social media and see how they respond to a nice animated gif.

Whatever your target readers are, you should be careful when using gifs when you send emails. This is due to two reasons:

  1. GIFs that are too many make your emails appear cluttered and complicated. Your recipients may not be able to understand your message amid changing colors or moving images.
  2. Gifs are enormous files. They can create delays as your viewer attempts to access them.

In the end, avoid using GIFs if your emails have a severe or professional tone. Gifs can give the content an unintentionally light style that might not match your message.

Use Gifs to Show Off Your Products

using gifs for marketing

Gifs aren’t required to be only intended for entertainment. You can use them to showcase your product’s features in just a few frames.

This is especially useful for ads on social media. For instance, Subway regularly creates fun, colourful gifs to display their salads and sandwiches.

Use Gifs to Boost Engagement

Gifs’ engagement can go well beyond sharing and liking. There are two ways that you can make use of gifs to increase engagement.

Reaction Gifs

Reaction gifs can be a fantastic option to respond to the comments of your followers on your social media feeds. Since the majority of social media platforms are able to integrate GIFs, it’s simple to share one.

Let’s imagine that someone pays your brand a lovely praise. Instead of just sending a “thank for your time,” and it could be interpreted to come to appear a little impersonal or robotic, you can include a gif such as this to convey that you are grateful for the feedback they provide:

If you want to inject some fun into your response You could do something similar to this:

Gifs are essentially a way for users to personalize their responses to match your brand’s tone and the message you wish to communicate.

Live Giffing

It was in 2012 that Tumblr brought the public to live Giffing during presidential debates. Think live tweeting with GIFs.

Live giffing is a great option at major TV events such as the season’s premiere of a show with a huge following or an awards show or an event in sports.

Anything that can be connected to your brand could benefit from live Giffing. This is possible via any social media platform.


Gifs might have started out as spinning icons or funny animations, but have evolved to become a potent marketing tool.

Since everyone is using gifs in order to share information, it’s obvious that brands need to join into the conversation in order to boost participation and advertise the products and services.

Review your marketing plan and determine what and when you will utilize gifs in order to convey your ideas to your customers. Search for gifs or design your own – whatever works best for your company.

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