Do Sneaker Raffle bots work? Explained in detail

Sneakers raffle bots can get your blood flowing if you’re a novice or an experienced sneaker-head. Apart from allowing you to gain access on a frenzied release, they can also be an easy way to boost the resale value.

Before you can benefit from the benefits, you must know how to win raffle bots for sneaker tickets, where they are available, how to participate, and which software can increase your odds of winning. We will cover all of these aspects in this article. However, you can utilize this table to navigate directly to the section that is appealing to you.

What are Sneaker Raffle bots?

Raffle bots

Sneaker raffle bots are a fresh method for sneakerheads who want to buy high-demanded sneakers without spending a premium.

When a sneaker brand or retailer launches new sneakers, they’ll want to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to purchase the sneakers. Because hyped shoes sell out quickly, many customers cannot purchase their preferred pair. Retailers hold “sales” and “draws” to let all purchase the shoes.

Well-known stores hold most raffle bots on their sites, apps or even stores. You can win the chance to purchase the sneakers by winning a raffle bots. It’s not a chance to win the chance to get a pair of sneakers for free. You’ll be able to buy the sneakers before other buyers.

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How do Sneaker Raffle bots Work?

A sneaker raffle bots is similar to a draw where you purchase a ticket and wait for the retailer to pick a winner. The main difference is that you’re not buying a pair of shoes but entering the raffle bots instead.

If you’re the winner, your name will be announced, and you’ll typically need to provide your email before you proceed with the purchase. It is recommended to only participate in raffle bots to win shoes you’d be able to purchase. They’re expensive, and if you’re lucky enough to are lucky enough to win, make sure you won’t be disappointed by your new pair.

There are two kinds of raffle bots:

  • Online, The raffles for sneaker shoes are hosted on the retailers’ sites. You can submit an entry by email address.
  • In-store The raffles are held in the store of the retailer. The raffle is entered, and you watch for the announcement of the winners. You can purchase the shoe if you are the winner of the draw.

The retailers can offer different raffles for sneakers based on their policy. For example, when it comes to Early Day Raffle bots, the retailers will distribute raffle tickets before the release date. The raffle draws are also held on the same day.

As for Day-Of raffles, retailers will instruct buyers interested in the raffle bots to stop by the store before noon and complete their forms. The raffle will be drawn on the day of the sneaker’s release at noon.

Certain retailers also have reservations for raffles. If you’re interested in this kind of raffle, you go to the store in advance and make a reservation for your entry. If you are the winner of the draw, then you will receive an email from the retailer to purchase the shoes at their store, website or mobile application.

What is the reason why retailers have raffle bots?

In recent years, the sneaker craze has increased exponentially, so there’s a greater demand for these shoes. On the other hand, there’s a relatively limited supply of sneakers due to manufacturing and distribution limitations.

Since the manufacturers can’t create enough pairs to give to everyone who would like the shoes, retailers organize raffles to ensure that everyone has the chance to purchase sneakers.

Raffle bots are also safer than letting an entire crowd of sneaker-heads assemble in front of the store’s the day of release. In the past, retailers would release their sneakers at stores, and online purchases weren’t accessible. People would line up outside the shops for hours or even days. People would camp out in front of the shops, and there was a lot of violence.

Another reason retailers host raffle bots for sneakers is to retain their customer’s loyalty. Let’s say Nike announces a new pair of sneakers. The sneakers are hypnotized and are sold out in only a couple of hours following release in the retail store and on the internet.

People living in cities with no Nike stores or those who can’t get access to the site could feel disenfranchised. With a raffle bots, they stand a better chance of purchasing the sneakers as they can submit an entry before. Through raffles, companies communicate to their clients that they give everyone an equal chance to put their feet on the sneakers they want.

While raffle bots are ideal for those who buy regularly, they’re much more lucrative to sneaker retailers. Retailers can participate in raffles for sneaker sales to increase their odds of winning a chance to purchase a pair of high-end sneakers. You’re competing against hundreds of buyers at an event. If you’re only a few minutes behind, you could lose your chance to purchase the pair you might sell at a substantial profit. Raffle bots secure your participation and offers you a chance to win even without bots.

How to Enter Sneaker Raffles bots

Depending on the shoes you want, there are different ways to enter sneaker raffle bots. Your best bet is a sneaker raffle bots on the retailer’s official website or app. Here are some options:


Adidas CONFIRMED is the official Adidas application for raffles bots. The app grants you access to new sneaker releases from Adidas Originals brands and partners, which include Craig Green, YEEZY, Pharell, Prada, and Human Made. It is possible to find details about the upcoming releases on the site. If you receive a notification regarding a new release, you can use the app to see if there will be a raffle bots and the best way to join.

You’ll have a longer time to participate in a raffle bots with this app than other apps because Adidas typically holds raffle bots only a few days before the launch. But, it’s better to register with your payment information and email address before signing up so you can participate in the raffle bots without delay.


Nike SNKRS is an official Nike shoe application. There are raffle bots for virtually any shoe here. Get the most comprehensive variety of raffle times and details about other sneakers’ releases (i.e. first to learn, first to buy).

The raffle will typically be held at 8 a.m. during the sneaker’s release date. You have to sign-up with Nike SNKRS in advance with your email address, while the software will need your payment information.

If you are a faithful user, you will be granted an access right to our “Exclusive Access” feature and have the chance to purchase your favourite pair before everyone else.

Online raffles

Online raffles are hosted on numerous websites, forums for sneakers or Reddit groups that are dedicated to sneakers. You should register before the raffle starts by providing your payment information and email address.

There are various choices for online raffles; however, depending on which store you’re planning to purchase from, it might be difficult to find the right listings. For instance, Nike doesn’t hold raffles at any online retailer, but Adidas and Supreme do.

The online raffle is much easier than other kinds of raffles. All you have to do is enter your contact information online, including your name, email address, and address. The retailer will then hold a raffle. If you are the winner, they will contact you to make arrangements for payment for the sneaker you wish to purchase.

Raffles in-store

To be eligible for raffles in stores, it is necessary to be present in the retailer’s location on the release day. According to the retailer, you’ll be asked to provide basic details, like your name, address, address, payment information and email address. After you have entered your details, you need to be patient.

If you are the winner of this raffle, your store could permit you to purchase something the item at the moment. Because most raffles are on the internet today, the in-store raffles tend to be less than competitive.

How to Locate Sneaker Raffles

Even with the best bots and proxies, there’s no point in knowing the above information if you don’t know which raffles are coming up. In most cases, raffles last a few hours or a day, so there’s a very short window for entering.

If you have already established a community of sneakerheads, keeping up-to-date with upcoming raffles shouldn’t be difficult if you’re new to the resale marketplace and want to make relationships with other resellers via internet-based channels like Facebook, social media channels, Discord channels, and subreddits.

sneaker raffle bot github

Here are some sites to find raffles for sneakers:

  • Sneaker Cooking Groups The sneaker cook groups are a sneakerhead-friendly community which allows members to share raffle entries for certain sneakers. Sometimes, raffles are announced before time, but you’ll have only a few minutes to participate most often. The sneaker cook group members can also advise how to improve their chances of winning in sneaker raffles. They’ll assist you in finding an online list of sneaker raffles or connect you with websites and apps where you can get more information about how to participate in and win raffles.
  • Social media: Search for sneakers on Twitter who share photos from their entries in raffles or possibly use hashtags like raffle or hashtags like #raffle. Like the sneaker cook group, the social media sneakerhead group are an excellent way to connect with other enthusiasts. Rayobyte’s Discord Channel is an amazing site to get acquainted with proxy services for sneaker copping and winning raffles. It is also possible to connect with us via Twitter to get updates on sneaker proxy services and other subjects related to winning raffles for sneaker sneakers copping sneakers, and selling sneakers.
  • News sites: Sometimes, sneaker raffles are available for several days or even one week, so you’ll have plenty of time to register without hurrying. Read the rules thoroughly to ensure you do not miss the cutoff time.
  • Websites: Often, retailers publish news about raffles on their sites or through apps. You can also follow retailers’ Twitter profiles to stay up-to-date with the latest news regarding upcoming releases and drop.

How to Sign-Up for Sneaker Raffles

It’s important to know how to sign up for sneaker raffles. You don’t want to miss a chance of getting a new pair of kicks simply because you weren’t familiar with the procedure.

Typically, you’ll need to have the below items to sign up to be a part of a raffle for sneaker tickets:

  • Name The Name is the name you use to identify yourself when you sign-up with an online retailer. It is essential to enter your actual name to ensure that it won’t be a problem locating you in the future.
  • Address Sneaker raffles require an address to ensure they can deliver the shoes directly to your office or home. If possible, include an address that is residential instead of an address like a P.O. Address or Office address for the least amount of shipping problems.
  • Email You’ll require an email address to register for raffles that offer regular updates by email. So, you’ll know precisely when the release date will be and how long you’ll have before it’s late.
  • Telephone number: Some sneaker-related raffles require a telephone number in case they need to verify your identity.
  • Pay Methods: Most raffles will require payment details. So, they’ll be capable of charging the shoes once it’s time for them to send out. Also, you can check whether there are alternatives such as PayPal and Apple Pay that can help to pay for purchases without revealing bank account information.

Your entry to the raffle will be considered if you submit all the information. According to the retailer, you can participate in the raffle on the release date or before.

How do you know if you won a Sneaker Raffle?

That depends on the retailer or the kind of raffle you’ve entered. If you enter an in-store raffle, you might be notified on the spot if you were lucky enough to win a pair. If the raffle took place online, you’d likely receive an email about winning. Sometimes retailers might contact you on social media or through their customer support team.

The method of purchasing the shoes will vary between the retailers. Most retailers permit you to purchase shoes online. However, certain retailers may require you to enter their stores or give vouchers physically that you can redeem in-store.

The retailer typically gives you an initial access code that will allow you to buy the shoes that aren’t currently available to other buyers. In certain instances, the retailer could “hold” the cash in your bank account, meaning the purchase will only be made when you are the raffle winner. If not, you won’t get debited.

If you participate in the raffle, ensure you are aware of the rules before entering, particularly what happens when you have won a raffle. What are the steps to buy the shoes now? Do you have to make the purchase automatically, or do you receive an email link to purchase the sneakers earlier?

What are your chances of winning a raffle for sneakers?

best raffle bots

Your likelihood of winning sneaker raffles depends on a few factors:

  • Accessibility What number of pairs of sneakers are there? If you can only find a handful of pairs, the odds of winning are low to none since you’ll be competing against many. If the retailer is huge in inventory, there’s a greater likelihood of winning because the retailer will draw more raffles. The more raffles you win more likely you are to win.
  • Demand What do you think the market is for these sneakers? If you’re participating in a raffle to win an in-demand pair, you must be ready for intense competition from other sneakers and retailers. Fewer participants will participate in the raffle if the shoe isn’t so popular.
  • Quantity of people How many people took part in the raffle? The more entries you have, the less chance you have of winning.

How to Win Sneaker Raffles

When you buy a particular pair, you want to know how to increase your chances of winning sneaker raffles.

The ability to win raffles is vital for resellers because they could earn money from selling what they’ve won. During drops, retailers don’t let you buy multiple pairs. However, if you’ve won a raffle, you’ll get first access to the latest sneakers.

In most cases, sneakers raffles depend on luck, so the draw decides the winner purchase the sneakers. However, there are a few methods to boost your odds.

Send multiple entries

If you enter just a single account, you’ll stand only a slim chance of winning the raffle, as you’ll be competing with hundreds of other participants. If you’d like to boost your chances of winning in sneaker raffles, ensure that you make multiple accounts and send more entries—chances of winning increase.

If the website of the sneaker requires an email address to participate in this raffle, then you will not be able to enter using an email account that you have already used twice. You may solicit your family members and friends to provide their email addresses so that you can make additional entries. If you intend to purchase often, it’s advisable to set up several email accounts solely for raffles.

In certain situations, websites won’t allow you to enter an event from your I.P. addresses. It is possible to circumvent this issue by using different devices or computers. Ask your family and friends to let you use their computers to transmit entries. Alternatively, you can use proxy servers to transmit multiple entries through one computer. There’s more information on using proxy servers in the section below.

Utilize sneaker bots and proxies

Sneaker bots can help you make fast entries to raffles with a speed that isn’t humanly feasible. Having a fast bot to send entries on your behalf is helpful. However, they aren’t enough to win raffles for sneaker shoes.

It is necessary to mix them with proxy services. A proxy conceals your I.P. address, making it appear like a computer in another location is sending the entries. Combining sneaker bots and proxy servers increases your odds of winning.

The use of residential proxies is quite beneficial for this purpose because they have the least likelihood that the retailer’s website will reject them. They are proxies that originate from people who live in the same area, which the retailer’s website views as customers.

The site will not be able to ban users who use these proxies. Rayobyte residential proxy accounts are great for registering for raffles, particularly if you don’t want to fret about the possibility of being banned.

Additionally, Rayobyte data centre proxy services are a good choice when you’re in a pinch of time. Data centre proxies are more efficient than residential proxies, allowing you to make more entries to the raffle before the time runs out.

If you’re looking for the most efficient of both, ISP proxies are the ideal choice. Rayobyte ISP proxies have a speed of 1 Gbps, which lets you take part in raffles and not fall in line with other buyers.

Find the best raffles for sneakers on this list.

Many sneakers are released monthly, but they’re not worth the price. The most sought-after pair are likely to have the greatest demand. Be sure to be aware of these raffles bots ahead of time so that you’re prepared for the day of the raffle bots.

If you’re interested in which can use apps to run sneaker raffles, these are the ones you can download to keep up to date with the latest raffle notifications and alerts. Additionally, you can participate in raffles using these apps as well.

Recurring users also gain access to certain exclusive features.

  • Sole Retriever Mobile
  • SNS
  • END
  • SVD
  • Adidas Confirmed
  • Nike SNKRS
  • Footpatrol
  • Kith
  • Finish Line
  • Footlocker
  • Footaction
  • Champs Sports

Final Words

Sneaker raffle bots are a fair way to allow everyone to buy upcoming sneakers without standing in lines outside a retailer’s store. To increase your chances of winning sneaker raffle bots, you should use bots and proxies, get updates from sneaker cook groups, join Discord and other social media groups to network with other sneakerheads, and send multiple entries for the raffle bots.

We can use proxies to increase the number of raffle bots entries without anyone being more knowledgeable. It is always best to utilize paid proxies as they are more reliable for speed, speed, and assistance. They are a great choice for raffles in-app, online raffle bots, and much more.

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