Is Revolver News legit or scam?

  • Trump gave praise to Revolver News, which has promoted conspiracy theories that are pro-Trump.
  • Revolver news was founded by former adviser Darren Beattie, who suggested the FBI is the one to blame for the Capitol protest.
  • Trump has promoted false narratives to shift blame away from Trump or his family members.

Revolver.News, A Right-Wing Website Endorsed By Trump, Calls For Shooting Protestors

Is Revolver News legit or scam? On Wednesday, a right-wing news-aggregation website Revolver. News released an “exclusive” article urging police officers to fire upon demonstrators in Louisville and around the country. Although several right-wing media outlets and commentators have been vocal in their calls for “law and order,” the Revolver article is interesting because it has the title of one of its most prominent supporters…

Donald Trump.

The article by Revolver news was published Wednesday in response to violent protests in Louisville after the Breonna Taylor grand jury announcement. The article calls for Kentucky officials to use deadly force to end the unrest.

“The [Department of Justice] could look to for inspiration .The words of Donald Trump say that authorities have a moral obligation to end violent riots in Louisville by using force, even deadly force, if necessary.

Donald Trump, the former President, praised a right-wing website that promoted the absurd conspiracy theory that the FBI orchestrated the violence at the Capitol riot.
Trump spoke Sunday to Revolver News and praised it for pushing conspiracy theories for months. It is managed by Darren Beattie, a speechwriter for Trump’s administration.
“Congratulations go to Darren Beattie, Revolver News, and others who exposed much of Fake News’ false narrative around January 6. Americans don’t buy into the Unselect Committee’s efforts to smear 75,000,000 (or more!) Americans because of Darren’s and others’ work. Americans. “Resurrection,” a newly-minted term, was trending!” Trump wrote.

Revolver news

The article then discusses the Breonna Taylor grand jury announcement and its aftermath, interspersed with commentary from social media. The article concludes with a provocative call for arms against the “evil behavior” of Black Lives Matter and other protestors.
“The principal concern of our society is to protect and uphold law-abiding citizens, families, communities, and individuals.” The article states that we can only achieve this if we reject or coddle bad behavior and obliterate violent displays by Antifa/BLM with the heavy and righteous hammer of law and order.

It concluded that “Louisville can be an example for the nation in the days ahead: If our country wants to remain happy, prosperous, safe, and secure, then rioters must all be defeated with all the force of the American justice system. Our ability to defend our civilization is the only thing that will ever make it strong. Let’s get shooting!
Revolver news is known for its inflammatory content and because of the apparent reader, President Trump. In a tweet attacking another online news site, The Drudge Report, the President appeared to endorse Revolver news earlier in September.

Tucker Carlson, Fox News’s top-rated host, frequently cites Revolver News as a fringe news aggregation site with right-wing commentary. He promotes the FBI-plot conspiracy theory that states federal agents orchestrated the attack on Capitol Hill to discredit Trump supporters.

“Our people have all fled, Drudge. Trump tweeted last week that he is a confused MESS and has no idea what happened. “Down 51%. @DRUDGE They love REVOLVER!
Trump’s reference to “our people” is likely a reference to his political supporters. Although the President didn’t provide evidence supporting his claim about Drudge’s readership, it was the second September when Trump’s Twitter account mentioned Revolver.

He retweeted a post from Representative Paul Gosar (R–AZ) promoting the site earlier in the month.
Revolver’s article is a more fiery response to an already explosive situation. The President continues calling for a crackdown against the violent racial injustice protests sweeping the country. Revolver’s call for law enforcement to fire on protesters is dangerous…
Just like its endorsers and audience in the White House.

Revolver news

Our society’s primary concern is to protect and uphold law-abiding citizens, families, communities, and individuals. We can only achieve this if we reject or coddle lousy behavior and use the powerful, righteous, and just hammer of law and order to eradicate violent demonstrations of Antifa/BLM. Louisville is a shining example for the nation in the future: If we want our country to be happy, prosperous, and secure, the rioters must all be defeated with the full force of the American justice system. Our ability to defend our civilization is what will determine its strength. Let’s get shooting.

Beattie is often a presenter on their show of Carlson.
In verifying his theories, The Associated Press noted that it relies on the idea that many of the people involved during the Capitol gathering were not charged.
That, Beattie groundlessly claims, indicates that they could be FBI agents.
Carlson promoted the allegations to a broad audience in a recent documentary that tries to gloss over the role of Trump supporters involved in violence. The documentary caused the resignation of two staffers from Fox.

According to an article by Axis, Trump was planning to promote his FBI theory during a speech commemorating the day of the anniversary of the riots, but he decided to cancel it.
Beattie was a speechwriter in the Trump administration before she was fired in 2018 after attending a conference known as the Mencken Club, which an anti-white supremacist also attended.
In the last moments of the Trump Administration, Beattie got a job on the Commission to Protect America’s Heritage Abroad, which is responsible for sites such as Holocaust memorials.
The appointment was widely criticised. Insider has spoken to the board to confirm if Beattie continues to serve.

Wrapping up

Revolver News focuses on news analysis and Revolver news aggregation. We admire Matt Drudge and respect him greatly, but the Drudge Report is no longer keeping America’s pulse. We are here to fill this void and more. We provide timely, relevant, accurate, and compelling information to all Americans, regardless of political affiliation.

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