The Motherland of Roger Wang and Life Career

Roger Wang is a Chinese –American popular businessman. He is the chairman of Golden Eagle International Group and the former CEO of this company. If you are interested to know all the details about him, then stay with us till the end. 

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Who is Roger Wang?  

Roger wang was born in 1948 and he is a Chinese-American entrepreneur. Roger Wang is the head of the real estate company Golden Eagle International. This company’s purpose is to build malls and buildings in China.  

Roger Wang grew up in Taiwan and came to America for further studies. He did his M.B.A in 1973 from the USA. Do most people have a query that Who is Dorothy Wang dad? Dorothy Wang’s father’s name is Roger Wang who is a successful Chinese-American businessman. 

Roger Wang Education:  

He was born in Mainland China. But after his birth, his parents navigated to Taiwan. He completed his early education there and after that, he goes to the USA for getting his M.B.A degree. He got his degree from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1973. 

Roger Wang Height & body Measurements:  

Roger Wang looks quite tall in his photos, regarding his surrounding fellows. Roger Wang is 5 feet and 6 inches or 168 cm. Roger wang’s chest size is 93cm/36.5″ and his Waist size is 73cm/28.5″ Shoe size is 41. And he has black hair along with black eye color.   

Roger Wang

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Roger Wang House:  

 Roger Wang lives in Beverly Hill. He purchased this house for $5 million and this house is 11,400 square feet. 

Roger Wang 
Born 1948/ (age 73) China 
Nationality Chinese/Taiwanese-American 
Other names H. Roger Wang 
Occupation Businessman, philanthropist 
Spouse Vivien Wang 
Relatives Dorothy Wang (daughter) 

Roger Wang Wife:  

He is married to Vivien Wang. Vivien Wang And Roger Wang shares a great bond since their marriage till now. His wife helped him with his work. Both are living a happy married life with their 2 children.  

Roger Wang children:  

Roger wang and his wife Vivien Wang have two daughters. Their first daughter is Janice Wang. And the second one is Dorothy Wang. Both his daughters do not publicly share their life details.  

Roger Wang Net Worth

Dorothy Wang is popular for featuring in E! Reality shows Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Dorothy Wang wanted to grow his family business as she is more interested in it. And she is working hard to help her dad in his business. Dorothy wang has $10 million of net worth. 

Career of Roger Wang: 

  • Roger wang is the chairman and former CEO of Golden Eagle International Group. He relocated from Taiwan to the USA in 1970 for study purposes. In 1973, he graduated and got an M.B.A degree from Southeastern Louisiana University.  
  • After graduating he came back to China in 1992 and founded the Golden Eagle International Group in Nanjing. He started his career by building a tower and a store building. And after that the company became a specialist in real estate and automobile maintainers.  
  • He established the Golden Eagle Retail Group in 1995 to work in department stores within China, especially in Jiangsu province. This company became public on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2006, ticker 3308, with Wang as the head shareholder.  
  • Roger Wang was highlighted in Forbes” List of billionaires (2007) and The Forbes 400 Richest Americans. 

The Munificence of Roger Wang:  

Roger Wang donates a large charity to The Huntington Library in San Marino, California. He has donated $10 million. Which shows his generosity for human welfare assistance. 

Roger Wang Forbes:  

Roger Wang has appeared in the Forbes list of Billionaires at number 499. And he got 190 positions among the 400 richest Americans. 

Roger Wang Age:  

Roger Wang was born in Mainland China in 1948. Now, he is 73 years old as of 2022. He does not share more details about his life, as he wants to keep his life secret.  

How much is the Wang family worth?  

The estimated net worth of the Wang family is $3.3 billion. He and his family worked well to earn this huge amount. The main source of Roger Wang’s income is through his hotel, insurance, and real estate businesses.  

Roger Wang Net Worth:  

Roger Wang is a billionaire as he has a net worth of 2.7 billion. He worked hard to attain the position where he is now. He is a self-made businessman.  

Final takeaway:  

We have shared all the possible details of Roger Wang. Roger Wang is an entrepreneur who is successful enough that Forbes magazine featured him as the richest businessman and a billionaire who has 2 daughters with his wife Vivien Wang. Hope it was informational content for you, if yes let us know in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you. 

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