Tilval store reviews (2022) Is it scam or legit?

This article will inform you about a web-based shopping portal that sells men’s fashion. It also helps you to make an informed decision regarding whether or not Tilval Store is legit.

Are you genuinely looking for the perfect place to fulfil all your fashion needs? A few online shopping sites are now taking into consideration female style preferences. It’s not common to find an online store that caters to men’s fashion.

Another addition to this list is the United States. The Tilval Store is where men can find their style basics and learn if the Tilval Store is legit.

What is Tilval Store?

Tilval Store stocks a variety of boys’ clothing, including pants, hoodies, and other outwear, as well as shorts, shirts, and accessories. The store operates in several countries, including the United States.The company is discounting a few products. You can find more information on the official website and take advantage of the discount.

It is an online shopping store selling clothing and fashion products such as hoodies, outerwear, pants, shorts, shirts, etc. However, there are so many things you must know about it before choosing it as your shopping destination.

This new e-commerce site is an online fashion store for men. One can find hoodies, jackets, tees, denim, shorts, trousers, caps, sunglasses, and many more. But we still must find out if Is Tilval Store is Legit to buy products from.

It is evident from the categories that the site wants to portray fitness wear as its primary offering. The site claims to provide superior quality at an affordable price, and its products are all under $70.

There are many websites online today. But, before we proceed, you must understand the truth behind the website. Is Tilval Shop legit?


Detailed Specifications

  • Link Address:
  • Domain registration on 14/09/2021
  • Contact Number: (855)-849-5256
  • Type of Portal: E-commerce portal for men’s fashion
  • Writing Address:
  • Register Address: There is no data available
  • Hours of operation: Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Closed Sunday
  • Shipping range: Worldwide
  • Shipping Methods: Both standard shipping and VIP shipping options are available
  • Shipping charges vary
  • Tilval Shop Reviews There are no reviews for this website.
  • Cancellation of an Order: There are no cancellations or amendments after placing an order.
  • No clear terms for exchange
  • All Orders Above $49.99 qualify for Free Shipping
  • Wholesale Pricing: This is only available on a minimal basis
  • You must report damaged items within two days
  • Report an incorrect product within 24 hours
  • Return Period: 30 Days
  • No exceptions to this rule: Return charges are on the customer.
  • Refund: The shipping costs are non-refundable, so there is no refund.
  • Social Activity: Brands cannot be seen on social networks.

Positive Aspects of The Website

  • You can purchase a variety of goods.
  • You can get a discount on some products.
  • For any questions, contact us at the following email addresses and contact numbers.
  • The site is fully secured and protected.
  • It accepts online payments.
  • You can get free shipping to anywhere in the world when you spend more than $49.99

Negative Features of The Website

  • User’s Review of the Tilval Store Customer’s Tilval Store Reviews is unavailable anywhere.
  • Launched the website on September 14, 2021.
  • It has a trust rating of average.
  • It is the index of trusts with the highest average.
  • If there are no social media pages, there isn’t any traffic and publicity.
  • The shipping and delivery policies are not explained on a separate page.
  • Only PayPal online payments are accepted. PayPal mode.
  • We don’t know the address of the company.
  • These items are costly.
  • Let’s look at the evidence to verify its authenticity. Is Tilval Store a scam or real?

Is Tilval Store Legit or Scam?

  • We can evaluate its legitimacy by analyzing some key points:
    • Domain creation is still a young age for the company.
    • The site trust index is 60, which is considered average.
    • It received 58.7 per cent of the trust ranking.
    • Copying at least 50% of the content on the website from other websites is prohibited.
    • The founder’s information is kept secret from all sources.
    • The website expires on 14/09/2022.
    • There is not much activity on social media.
    • Reviews by customers’ Tilval are not available.
    • It has a 0 Alexa ranking.
    • You can only use PayPal as the payment method.
    • It has a shared number and email support. However, the address is not visible, so it is challenging to locate.
    • It serves the purpose of the publication.
  • The site also looks suspicious due to the facts mentioned above. Please keep an eye out for any feedback from users on verified sites until then.

We have categorized Tilval Store as one of the suspicious sites because of the following reasons:
Company Address

  • It has listed this address, Miami, Florida US33157, on its Terms of Service page and stated that it is located in the U.S. It has not provided any details about a specific building or place. We can therefore conclude that the company has not provided an address. We will not shop online with such a company.
  • Its email address is, a free and non-domain specific email address found to be used by another problematic site ClovesShop.

Special Discounts and Sales Offers

  • It sells almost all the products on heavy, which is fantastic to find from any legitimate site.

Copied content

  • The product images used in its catalogue don’t look unique. This means it has copied and pasted images from other websites or is merely reselling clothes or other products. Many of its content, including the website theme, match multiple problematic websites.

Returns and Exchange

  • The Refund Policy is very unrealistic for exchanges and returns. These websites have confusing terms that make it almost impossible to receive the full payment.

Deliveries and Customer Complaints

  • According to complaints from buyers of similar sites, the customer service and delivery times of sites similar are also poor.

What Do the Buyers Say?

  • Tilval Store is an online store where you can buy men’s clothing items like pants, T-shirts, shirts and pants, accessories, and hoodies.
  • We all know that novices can benefit from the feedback of other shoppers. So we turn to the internet. Unfortunately, the customer is not able to provide any information.
  • We recommend waiting for the output to be completed and learning how to protect your money from fraudulent PayPal activities.
  • The brand seems to have failed to communicate with buyers as there is no customer review. You can express your thoughts on the official website, Is Tilval Legit However, no one has made any comments.
  • Understanding How to Get a Refund on Credit Card If You’re Scammed would be helpful before visiting the website. Social media cannot help us understand the legitimacy of this website fitness fashion.

The Final Words

  • We want to close this article with a few points: new domain age average trust ranking, zero publicity, the page that is active via Social Networks, no shoppers Tilval store reviews, no company name, founder details, and many others. These are the main reasons why the website is not trustworthy.
  • You should know how to protect your money from credit card fraud.

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