What is ESN Sonar? Is it a virus or Malware ? Should you remove it?

What is ESN Sonar? ESN Sonar ensures that users remain connected even when they browse websites or even after they close their browsers because it bridges the distance between their desktop and the internet. We assist you in hosting your website using Amazon EC2 cloud servers. Tested and utilized over the years, the tiny footprint, the low latency, and the voice are among the best features of ESN Sonar technology.

Additionally, the cloud guarantees that you have reliable and rapid scaling. Use this C/C SDK to integrate ESN Sonar into your game or application. What is ESN Sonar? ESN Sonar includes a comprehensive JavaScript client-side API and an API for Webhooks and RESET that lets you fully control and modify the Sonar integration.

What is ESN Sonar?

ESN Sonar is a software application developed in collaboration with ESN Social Software AB. What is ESN Sonar? The software is designed for connecting to the internet. It includes a Windows firewall exception that allows users to connect to the internet without interruption. The primary executable program file is sonarhost.exe.

ESN Sonar can be described as a game add-on for the Battlefield that functions as a voice-chat module. This allows the voice service and the player to communicate during the game. ESN Sonar can be described as a VOIP solution that allows for high quality with low latency transmission for the games. Its most popular uses include Battlefield and battle log.


ESN Sonar API is a Shareware application that falls under the Audio & Multimedia category that ESN AB developed, and it is predominantly used for the voice feature in BF3 and BF4. What is ESN Sonar? It’s comparable to the party VOIP feature on XboxLive if you consider it an in-game VOIP service. It’s beneficial, mainly when there is a leader, and a player needs to communicate with his teammates (Command Mode) and also have the ability to connect with them directly.

An overview of ESN Social Software AB

ESN Social Software AB develops Web and Web-Centric gaming. What is ESN Sonar? It offers a platform for Planet to build, scale and deploy web-based applications. Beacon-push is a push-based service that allows the creation of web-based applications made using WebSockets, Comets, and HTML5, as well as Sonar; it is a cloud-hosted service that lets you embed voice messages on websites.What is ESN Sonar? The company is located in Uppsala, Sweden, and was founded in 2004. At the time of writing, ESN Social Software AB is a division that is part of Electronic Arts Inc.

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Key features of ESN Sonar

Below is a listing of the essential characteristics of the ESN Sonar software:

  • The ESN Sonar is a plugin that allows internet-based phone calls. It is primarily utilized in EA’s Battlelog. (Battlelog is a type of social network that allows users to network and exchange information with their acquaintances and fellow gamers. The option of voice chat is available to communicate)
  • If you use the voice chat feature in the Battlelog, you can download the Sonarhost.exe Sonar can download the Sonarhost.exe Sonar to your PC. Sonarhost.exe will be installed on your computer. Sonarhost.exe process will be running on your PC.
  • To make use of the voice chat feature to use the voice chat feature in Battlelog to use the voice chat feature, it is necessary to install the ESN Sonar is essential. If you do not use the voice chat feature, you can uninstall this plugin without worries.

ESN Sonar Error Messages

The most common ESN sonar error messages that show up are:

  • ‘SonarHost.exe application error.’
  • SonarHost.ese failed’
  • “Error starting the application: SonarHost.exe’
  • ‘SonarHost.exe is not present.’
  • ‘SonarHost.exe has encountered a glitch and has to shut down. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.’
  • ‘Faulting Application Path: SonarHost.exe’
  • ‘SonarHost.exe is not an authorized Win32 application.’
  • ‘SonarHost.exe does not appear to be running.’

If you find any of these errors, You must fix them to allow the programs correlated with them to function well.

Fixing ESN Sonar Error Messages

Fixing these error messages depends on the nature of the error message. You may try the simplest options like restarting the application or restarting your computer, but if the errors increase in frequency, it is possible to consider these solutions:

Make registry entries correct.

Manually altering registry entries could create more issues, so you’ll have to install specific software for making changes to registry entries in Windows XP, 8, 10, and so on. Within the control panel of Windows.

Scanning for viruses

One of the main errors that cause errors is malware, so ensure that you check your computer for malware.

Perform a system restore

You can solve many problems by restoring your computer to an older version. Make sure to restore your computer periodically to avoid emergencies.

is ESN Sonar safe

Is ESN Sonar bad or harmful to the system?

Many users have complained that the software is spyware, which interferes with privacy and has access to users’ audio even when it is not being used. This is why people are scared to use the ESN sonar software on their system and ask about What is ESN Sonar?. Additionally, it is running in the background and could pose a risk to a user. But, none of the user’s data was accessed or stolen through the application, and no data files on the system were affected.

As there was no change in the system’s files or data breaches, We do not have any evidence that the program could be detrimental. Some gamers have suggested that they can disable the Sonar feature to be turned off by using the voice button, which is marked for blocking the program from accessing the system’s sound system.

The catch is that it can bypass connection and access the computer as it’s a VOIP service. Therefore, if one isn’t interested in gaming, getting rid of the program using the methods below is necessary.

How do I uninstall ESN Sonar?

For Windows 10 users:

  • Start the Start menu, then select settings.
  • Select the System settings
  • Select Features and Apps
  • Select the app you wish to remove
  • Select the Uninstall button.
  • Verify the removal

For Windows 8 users:

  • Move your mouse to the lower-right corner of the screen to open the side menu
  • Select Settings, then Control Panel, and then click Uninstall ESN Sonar program
  • Look for the program in the list of installed programs, then highlight it.
  • Click “Uninstall” on the right side of your screen and begin the process of uninstalling.
  • Follow the directions to complete the removal process.
  • Restart your computer after the removal

To Windows 7 users:

  • Hit the Windows Button on the lower-left corner of your desktop.
  • Go to Control Panel. Open Control Panel and select Uninstall ESN Sonar.
  • Select “Uninstall” on the right side of your screen and begin the uninstallation process.
  • Follow the directions to complete the removal process.
  • Restart your computer after the removal

Method Two to Remove ESN Sonar

1. When you install software onto your computer, it will create a shortcut for your desktop

What is ESN Sonar

2. Right-click on this desktop shortcut and click “properties.” Select the shortcut tab in properties, and select Find Target. This opens to the ESN Sonar installation folder:

3. Here, you can view the information of the application you’re looking to delete, for example, its EXE and the DLL format of files. Also, you can see the standard installation location of the application, which usually starts with C: Program files. It’s possible to delete any leftover files from this directory later manually.

4. In most cases, you’ll locate a file titled Uninstall.exe within the folder utilized to uninstall the software.

Wrapping up

we can discuss about What is ESN Sonar? The ESN Sonar application can use the ESN sonar application to allow voice chat during the online game Battlefield 3. In this article, I’ve addressed all topics concerning ESN sonar applications. From what exactly is ESN sonar to the removal of this ESN sonar program, you will find all the information here.
These were a few techniques that included the specific procedure of deinstalling this ESN Sonar application.

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