What race is SpongeBob?  

All the lovers of SpongeBob wanted to know what race is SpongeBob has. SpongeBob SquarePants is the central character of American animated TV series. SpongeBob’s character is identified by his childish and elated attitude. This character is influenced by humorous characters such as Stan Laurel and Pee-wee Herman. The voice of this character is done by a comedian Tom Kenny and an actor. This character was designed by Stephen Hillenburg, who is an artist and marine science educator. If you want to consume full details about this character, then do not go anywhere and stick with us till the end! Let’s get started!  

Who is SpongeBob?  

SpongeBob lovers wanted to know more about this character and what race is SpongeBob is also a most searched query. So, we are going to answer this in detail. First of all, we will discuss the character, SpongeBob. The name of the character was derived from “Bob the Sponge”, from an unpublished educational book, The Intertidal Zone. This character is equally popular among kids and adults. By the media, this character was named the best character of all time because of its huge popularity. And the positive response he garnered.

Do most people have a query What nationality is SpongeBob? SpongeBob has American nationality as it was created and designed there. Its original language is English and it has 13 episodes along with 277 episodes. 

How was SpongeBob created and designed?  

The very first sketch concept of the character was, in which the character is wearing a red hat and green base along with a white business shirt. After that, the creator of the character changes the character, by changing its wear. It takes a lot of time to finalize the character.  

SpongeBob was created to be a childish character who has elation attributes. Originally, they thought to give it the name sponge boy but this name was already taken by a product. So, Hillenburg worked more to set an attractive name for the character. In 1997, he finally decided to give it the name “SpongeBob” with “SquarePants” as a family name. 

Who voiced the character –SpongeBob?  

Tom Kenny provides a voice to the character. Tom Kenny is a veteran voice actor who has already worked with the Hillenburg on Rocko’s Modern Life. Hillenburg approached Tom Kenny to voice his character SpongeBob. During the series, the character’s voice develops from “low-key” to high-pitched. Tom Kenny said that this evolution happens naturally with time, he did not do anything intentionally. This character was dubbed in different languages other than English. 

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What race is SpongeBob?  

It is obvious, that SpongeBob is only an inanimate object so it does not belong to any race.  

Is SpongeBob straight?  

In 2005, the creator of this character said that this character is neither straight nor gay. “It doesn’t have anything to do with what we’re trying to do,” he said to Reuters, according to People. Some people wanted to What race is Sandy from SpongeBob? Sandra Jennifer Olivia “Sandy” Cheeks was born on 17 November. She is an American squirrel. She wears a diving suit. She is voiced by Carolyn Lawrence. 

What race is SpongeBob

Critics on SpongeBob character:  

SpongeBob, however, has been criticized by traditional social groups for reputedly promoting homosexuality. Although Hillenburg has cleared it that this character is asexual which means that it is a real-life sea sponge.  

In 2005, a video of SpongeBob along with other characters of the show was singing a song that was criticized by the United States Christians as they said that this character was used to promote homosexuality. But in reality, that song does not own any sex-related content. All this criticism happened because the video was created by a gay.  

In addition, again in April 2009, this character was criticized by the parents and Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood, as they said that in the song “Baby Got Back”, they are again promoting homosexuality which is not good for preschoolers.  

Susan Linn, the director of the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood said: “It’s bad enough when companies use a beloved media character like SpongeBob to promote junk food to children, but it’s utterly reprehensible when that character simultaneously promotes objectified, sexualized images of women.” 

What race is Patrick SpongeBob?  

Patrick Star is a starfish. And he is a male character in the series. 

Wrapping up:  

What race is SpongeBob have, I think now it’s clear as we have shared all the deep details about this character. SpongeBob is a popular character among children and even adults. It has 13 seasons and 277 episodes. But this character also faces some criticism from time to time. But the popularity of the character never goes down. People still like this character. Mostly said that it will remain an all-time favorite character. Comment below if you are a fan of SpongeBob, and share your memories associated with this character.  

what race is SpongeBob?

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