Which is Better Jira vs Rally?

Jira vs Rally, both project management software is designed around the Agile project management method and its uses. Before you understand the difference between Agile and Jira, you have to understand Agile management. 

And how the Agile process will help you in Jira and Rally processes. Only then you can understand the difference between both software. So, stay with us till the end to have all details. So, let’s get started

What is Agile? 

Jira vs Rally

Before discussing the difference between Jira vs Rally, first, let me tell you about Agile project management. 

Agile management is focused on sprints, sprints refer to small repetitive periods whose focal point is on smaller goals that will finally hit the final goal. The goal is to create a version of the product vastly and then increase it via multiple improvements and considerations.  

Some common terms that are involved in Agile project management include: 

1. Scrum Master 

2. Product Manager 

3. Sprint 

4. Daily Scrum 

5. Road Map 

6. Time box 

7. User Story 

Rally (CA Agile Central): 

  • Rally was mapped out along the same idea as Agile and CA Agile have. CA Agile is now called CA Agile central. 
  •  Rally is designed to expedite the Agile techniques, especially for software development purposes.  
  •  It will help you in setting –up a road map for your project that how your project is progressing, whether it is going in the right direction or not. 
  • In this process, you will have the release tracking and metrics, which will give you a complete report about the progress of your project.  
  • In this process, the platform is divided into modules or maybe products that are aimed at software developers – which are known as Plan, Build, Test, Operate, Secure. It is included in the Plan product where you get the CA Flow cover. 
  • Now, the team members can easily communicate along the context and plan. And next, there will be a CA continuous delivery director who will manage how the rest of the work will done and by whom, and this called as Kanban system. 
  • Rally communication edition, is free to cost for 10 users and its enterprise edition is $35 if you want to access the unlimited edition then it will cost you $49 per month.  


  • Jira is a project management software that is developed for software development. 
  • However, Jira is a central database into which data of all the projects are recorded. And these all projects then have to go through a huge number of processes. 
  • This accumulation view is then available for all to view. Its purpose is to provide all the information about it to all its members so that they can accurately manage the project in terms of time and cost.  
  • Sprints are managed via a Scrum or Kanban system, through which every team member will get to know how to manage the project and what is their duty to do along with all the requirements to do the project. 
  • The consideration is supported by several series of records that will give you real-time data for the team. 
  • In this setup, there is a time tracking tool which is called Hub staff, which will help you in managing time properly. And another tool is HipChat, which is a chat app that will help team members to communicate easily. 
  •  Jira will cost you $10 per month per user if you have 10 team members. It will cost you $75 per month per user if you have up to 15 users.  

What is Jira and Rally used for? 

Jira Software and Rally Software are both project management software that is mainly focused on Agile projects. Rally Software is focused on Agile software development whereas Jira Software was also designed initially with Agile software development in mind but it is considered a little more flexible while managing projects at an ease.

Jira vs Rally:

  • Both the platforms are made specifically for the software developers – along with the idea of a plan, build, release, and improvement built into the modules that are offered. 
  • Realistically, Jira is better than Rally in terms of outside software applications. There is a Kanban chart for its visual overview of development.  
  • However, if you are the one who is submerged in Agile and you own a software development company then Rally is designed for you and is best to serve you in a better way compared to Jira.  
  • And, let’s face it, if you are good at learning, so you should go for Rally as it is cheaper than Jira. So, opt according to your requirement, budget, and also how many company members you have. 

Is Jira same as Rally? 

Jira was initially designed to track the issue in the system for development companies. Whereas Rally is an end-to-end solution that is aimed to help the users and help them more accurately. So, there will be no requirement for any additional module to opt. 

Is there something better than Jira? 

If you want to have the best alternative to Jira that gives you more flexibility while managing your project, then ProofHub is a good alternative. It will give you complete control of your team members, their tasks, and projects, and also you can communicate with them at an ease.

Bottom line: 

We have shared all the information related to Jira vs Rally. And their main idea of development along its features. So, that you can easily opt which one you want depending on your needs and requirements. Did you like this content, let us know in the comment box below. 

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