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What is Xresolver? How to use it?

This article focuses on xResolver. It includes its features, uses, and basic information. MiniTool partition wizard explains PSN resolver in more detail and shows you how to use it online and offline.

XResolver, also known as Xbox resolver, is known by the name PlayStation resolver. XResolver, an official online portal, is designed to resolve usernames, domains, and gamer tags into IPs that are dangerous for the safety of gamers. It tracks the IP addresses and Gamertags of Xbox gamers online. Special tools can easily trace an IP address because they aren’t private. However, you can block it to hide it.
XResolver is an Xbox resolver that scrapes data, including the username and IP address of Xbox players. Xresolver is the same for PlayStation gamers.

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What is xResolver?

xResolver is a web-based tool that displays your opponent’s IP address, username, and Gamertag on platforms such as Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. It also includes functions like IP Logger PSN Username and IP Storage, IP Checker Phone Search, Nmap Port Scan, and IP Checker Phone Lookup.

xResolver can be used to solve both Xbox Resolver as well as PlayStation Resolver. It can convert an Xbox/PlayStation Gamertag into an IP address or vice versa. Anyone can enter a Gamertag/PSNID to check if the website has any information related to their IP address.

It is the only market-leading solver with millions of usernames and thousands more added daily. Their homepage claims they currently have nearly 25 million accounts solved.

Features of xResolver

xResolver offers the following features.

  • Identify your geographical location: You can use the Premium GeoIP feature in xResolver to check your and others’ geo.
  • Xbox and PlayStation solver: Xbox and PlayStation resolver Xbox offers a variety of exciting features to Xbox and PS users. It allows you to convert your Gamertags into secure IP addresses that you can use to protect yourself from hackers.
  • To get an IP address from another person, create a link and send it to you.
  • Remove your IP address from xResolver Database: To block your username, IP address, and location from their web, go to the “Remove Data Section.”

How to use xResolver


These are the steps to use xResolver xResolver PS4.

Step 1 – Go to the homepage at xResolver.

Step 2 In the left panel, click Xbox Resolver and PlayStation Resolver. We will now tap Xbox Resolver.

Step 3: Type your Xbox Gamertag in the Xbox Gamertag To IP Address section or an IP address in the IP Address to Xbox Gamertag Section.

Step 4: Next, click To resolve.


The XResolver blacklist links protect username and Gamertag from being solved. If users block themselves from the resolve, gamer tags and IP addresses are removed from the database and can’t be traced.

This method prevents hackers from attacking Sony and Microsoft’s services. Blocking an IP address requires a few steps.

  • Next, visit the Xresolver website and enter your Gamertag to activate the device.
  • The Gamertag will assign an IP address.
  • Copy the IP address to OctoSniff.
  • Blacklisting is possible only if 500 points are purchased.
  • A key will be sent to the message box after purchase.
  • Copy the XResolver IP link.
  • Click on Redeem License and then add the Key to the Point Section.
  • Claim your points
  • Scroll down and search for miscellaneous to locate the blocklist option.
  • In the following section, enter your IP address and click on the blocklist username.
  • Return to the site and enter your username. Then, show the authentication of backlisted IP.

This will allow you to protect your IP address using the Xresolver Blacklist.

xResolver Alternatives

There are alternatives to xResolver xResolver PS4/Xbox if you don’t want to use it. Below are some options that you might consider. These tools are not ethical. It would help if you did not use these tools unless you have good reasons.

Xbox Booter

This Xbox IP Graber was explicitly designed to get people out of your gaming sessions.

It allows you to sniff and pull IP addresses and access robust layer 4 or 7 attacks to boot people off the internet.

Xbox Booter is an easy-to-use tool that provides detailed instructions for all things related to the program.


OctoSniff, a partner with xResolver, specializes in decrypting usernames and filtering packets. It can automatically identify parcels when it comes to Xbox Party Chat. It claims to be the only tool on the market with an AI username feature for the PlayStation 4 console.

It can identify which user has which packet and associate that IP with a username. This program allows you to create custom Xbox filters and presets that will enable you to retrieve packages from particular games.

OctoSniff, as many see it, is a powerful tool that optimizes their game connection and increases their wins.

PS4 Booter

PS4 Booter, which is an Xbox IP Graber, is designed to allow you to kick people offline while playing on your PS4 console.

This is accomplished by sending a denial-of-service attack to their public IP address.

A good VPN can be a great choice if you play online often to avoid being booted offline.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

It is a free tool with many IP pulling and resolving features. It also has its database.

This open-source IP pulling tool on your computer allows you to intercept, sniff and pull IPs from Xbox Live gaming sessions. You can even convert Gamertags into IPs.

Lanc Remastered PCPS’s best feature is its simplicity of setup and use. Those new to this process can find detailed instruction can find detailed instructions on the website.

Console Sniffer

Console Sniffer is another option. It works in the same way as the other Xbox IP grabbers. You can get an online player’s username and IP address data without jailbreaking.

This IP sniffer is compatible with all consoles and doesn’t require any additional software or hardware. Console sniffer can use Console Sniffer with VPNs which is a great asset.

It is a paid program, but you can get it for $20. It only works with Windows.

Boot you

Boot, you are a stressor/booter that gamers can use to their advantage. It’s the most affordable and powerful available. It is a web-based service that can send Layer 4 and Layer 7 Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Boot, you are more than stress management. It also includes custom IP loggers and Skype resolvers.


This is not an Xbox IP Graber, but it can use to pull IPs from people using their geolocation. This is an SSL-registered site and can be used to get IP addresses. They are already in the public data database. However, you will need to pay to continue using it.

This service offers an extension for Chrome that allows you to access it anytime.


These sites often monitor other users’ IP addresses when they play computer games. xResolver and OctoSniff can decrypt the data to determine which Gamertag is associated with a particular IP. This information is then added to their data sources, making it available to hackers.
Your network is vulnerable to DDoS attacks because your IP address identifies your location. Gamers often avoid these attacks by paying to have their IPs removed from these sites. To protect yourself from attacks, avoid playing in public or private games with people you don’t know. Also, be sure not to click on any links within those sessions.

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